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EZ Charger

Monitor and control document output costs

EZ Charger enables organisations to monitor and control document output costs. By centrally tracking and limiting copy, print and scan functions at MFPs, users can check their account balances, make copies, scans, and release their prints without interference; meanwhile, administrators can seamlessly monitor and control usage in real-time. Access to MFPs is secured by a user ID, which can be manually input or scanned with an optional card-scan device. With EZ Charger, MFP resource allocation and tracking are made simple.


About EZ Charger

  • Tracking system for monitoring all of your networked MFPs and their document output costs.
  • Allocates MFP resources including copies, prints, and scans by setting quotas unique to individual users or groups.
  • Generates reports showing usage history by individual user(s), group(s), MFPs(s), and more.
  • Supports billing code input for detailed charge-back and cost allocation.


Features and Benefits

  • Users conveniently control release and collection of their prints from any networked MFP or LP that is registered with EZ Charger, regardless to which device they print.
  • Cost parameters can be set at many levels. They can be set for each MFP or LP; for each device feature, including copying, printing, and scanning; and can even be set for each MFP resource, including paper size, colour or black-and-white, single-sided or duplex.
  • User quotas can be credited with predetermined amounts automatically, and administrators can issue top-up vouchers, so that users can credit their own accounts (from their PCs).
  • Usage statistics and account balances are updated on the spot, as users make copies, scans or prints. Administrators have access to the latest information and can generate reports at any time.
  • Summary or detailed line-by-line report available, providing information on all MFP activity for cost tracking or billing purposes.
  • Document confidentiality is ensured because users can only print their documents when they release them, all while eliminating unclaimed printed documents and paper wastage.
  • Companies can control expensive colour document output, while allowing the use of more economical black-and-white (even when a user's account balance/quota is depleted).

Using EZ Charger

  • EZ Charger consists of two components; an administrative application for your print server used for account maintenance, and a client application embedded on each MFP for controlling resources. Both of these can be installed by your Ricoh Solutions Specialist.
  • EZ Charger is simple to deploy and can be easily maintained by your current technical staff, eliminating the need for an external dedicated specialist.
  • Your organisation's workflow remains practically unaffected even after the system is in place, with users requiring only minimal training.

Optional Modules

  • Optional card-scan authentication - With this module installed, users need only scan their identification card to login or logout of the MFP.