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Pro L4130

Wide Format/Industrial Printing

Your ideal way into large-format

The new RICOH Pro L4130 is the perfect solution when you want to complement your offering with display printing.


Hugely versatile, these printers will give you a wide variety of display material in high quality colour, thanks to the RICOH GEN5 print heads. By using the latest patented multidrop jetting technology, these heads can create a droplet as small as four picoliters, resulting in smoother colour gradation. Whats more, with the addition of orange and green inks, youll also benefit from brighter images as well as a greater colour gamut - up to 93% of the Pantone range, allowing the reproduction of corporate colours accurately. The option of white ink also allows for a wider range of applications to be printed, for example, transparent stickers and clear backlit films - creating endless possibilities for graphic arts displays and prints.


Durable inks for inside and out

The Pro L4130 uses eco-friendly, durable latex inks, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Prints can last up to two years under most conditions as a result of the anti-fade qualities and weatherproof qualities. Latex inks produce minimal volatile organic compounds and hazardous air particles, making them safe to use even indoors, without the need of any special air ventilation. Cartridges are also reusable, reducing waste and saving money. Printing has never been more environmentally-friendly.


Print on almost anything

With a low curing temperature, a wide variety of media such as films, textiles, vinyl and papers can be printed on. Also, a maximum output of 17.1m²/hr means the best productivity in its class. Productivity is further amplified by the built-in heaters and fans, eliminating waiting for secondary processes as drying is instantaneous. Maximum productivity and efficiency is possible with the RICOH Pro L4130.

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Versatile new ink technology

RICOH Pro L4130 uses aqueous durable latex ink. Latex (Resin) and pigment in the ink are applied simultaneously. Resin dissolves forming a membrane over the media. After it is heated, pigment is fixed. This allows various media to be used, including non-coated media such as paper or cloth.

6 ink colours allowing wider colour reproduction

Going beyond standard CMYK, RICOH has added in orange and green, allowing more colour options and increased colour gamut for exceptional results. White ink is also available, allowing high quality prints even on clear substrates by acting as a base colour.

High quality and productivity

Equipped with RICOH GEN5 Piezo multi-jetting printheads, up to three different drop sizes, with a minimum size of 4 picolitres, can be produced. Printouts have a smoother gradation and sharper details. With a high print speed of up to 18.2m2/h, productivity can be greatly increased.

Printouts are instantly dried

In the RICOH Pro L4130, there is a 3 way intelligent heater – before print, during print, and after print. By heating ink in 3 steps, the colour development and ink fixation is effectively promoted. The drying heater (post heater) also supports film forming and pigment fixing. Prints are dried and secondary processing such as lamination can be done immediately. This also reduces total job time and lowers costs.

Colour modes available

There are 8 ink cartridge slots with 3 colour mode options:


4-colour mode (CCMMYYKK)

6-colour mode (CCMMYKOrGr)

7-colour mode (CMYKOrGrWW)


3 layers can be printed in one single pass with white and coloured inks.

Eco-friendly Latex Inks

Latex inks are pigmented and water-based. They contain very little volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are free from hazardous air particles. No special air ventilation is required, and printouts are suitable for indoor use as well due to the minimal odour. This reduces the impact of printing on the environment and enables an improved printing environment.

Reusable ink cartridges

The RICOH Pro L4130 practise an eco-cartridge methodology. Ink cartridges can be reused repeatedly by changing ink packs. This not only helps reduce wastes, also save costs in the long run.


*Except white ink

RICOH Software RIP

The RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130 comes with the RICOH Software RIP, a printer driver that is easy to use and has advanced features making printing even easier. Through its universal ease of use, it allows for more professional and advanced finished products.


Three ink layers in one pass print function

A three-layer print of colour, white and colour can be performed at one time. The underlay printing of a base layer of white ink can printed, reproducing natural colours even on transparent media. Window graphics can now be printed with high precision – applications are no longer limited to coated media.


Layout function as desired

Layout constraints in terms of size adjustment or copy function for the imposition of jobs. 3 ink layers or copied images can be freely laid out if the print conditions are the same. This efficient layout reduces media wastage. With this multi-profile, simultaneous printing function, test outputs can be easily printed, lowering the time spent on test prints.

ColorGATE as an optional RIP

The RICOH Pro L4130 provides the option for the PS8 Production Server from ColorGATE, the technological leader in workflow automation for large format printing. The server has the latest Adobe PDF print engine (APPE) which makes smooth, highly automated PDF workflow easy. You will also benefit from a user friendly interface with outstanding functionality, accurate colour management, rapid profiling, recalibration and quality control.


Clever cost control

A useful Cost Calculator feature lets you provide precise quotes before printing and the Container function positions each job optimally to ensure minimum material usage. There are also two clever optional extras available, too. Firstly an Ink Saver module that can cut ink use to a minimum by intelligent replacement of cyan, magenta and yellow in neutral areas with black ink. Secondly, there’s the Print and Cut PCM module that lets you control cutting plotters and tables.


Automated workflows

ColorGATE hotfolder technology enables fully automated output according to pre-defined settings and the crossplatform processing of print jobs. You are able to automate workflows of a virtually unlimited complexity, whereby individual modifications can still be made to the process at any time. There is no limit to the number of active hotfolders. Hotfolders can be added at any time, as needed.


Consistent performance

The main task of the spectral value based linearization assistant (wizard) is to create printer- and mediaspecific linearizations with the aim that all print system employed primary and process colours behave linear or equally in all steps over the gradation from 0% to 100%. This linearity of the process colour gradation fulfills an optimal pre-condition for a printing system to be profiled at its best.