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Transform your office into the digital workplace

kintone is a cloud-based digital workplace solution which allows you to create and automate your workflows, transforming your organizations into the DIGITAL WORKPLACE.

What is kintone?

kintone is a solution for all types of business that allows you to create, share, improve, and automate workflow, transforming your organization into the digital workplace. You can also add data fields and communicate with their colleagues within the organization easily.

  1. Provide security for data storage to all types of business
    kintone provides high security for data storage, communication in the team, and organizational workflow creation that allow users to work automatically in real-time without programming or IT skills. This can meet different requirements of businesses. With kintone, users can also view all data on a single dashboard.
  2. Allow central collaboration for your office
    kintone has a feature for collaboration within the database that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues smoothly. You can also use kintone to search for and read data as well as discuss with people within the organization quickly.
  3. Access the system from anywhere at any time
    kintone is a cloud-based service that can be accessed via web browser and application on any smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  4. Integrable with other systems
    kintone can improve your workflow by integrating with other systems using REST API and Extensions. This helps you to easily export data as PDF files, send data to other systems, or send data via email automatically. kintone helps improve workflow flexibility and reduce manual intervention.