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“Tee for Trees” initiative by Ricoh at Barclays Singapore Open 2008

This year, Ricoh’s annual tree planting event in Singapore has been brought to another level. Ricoh Asia Pacific together with Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd, the Singapore subsidiary, mooted the inaugural “Tee for Trees” golf-and-tree-planting initiative for the 2008 Barclays Singapore Open, where Ricoh is the Official Office Solutions Provider. Golfers’ scores will directly translate into the total number of trees to be planted on its joint Annual Tree Planting Day on 22 November at Mt Imbiah, Sentosa. Ricoh pledges to plant a tree for every birdie, 5 trees for an eagle and 20 trees for an albatross and hole in one during the final day. 
Ricoh hopes to increase environmental conscientiousness within the society through efforts like these. Quoting from Mr. Shiro Kondo, President and CEO of Ricoh Group, “A sustainable society cannot be built by the efforts of the Ricoh Group alone.” Accordingly, Ricoh actively engages its partners, stakeholders and customers in joint environmental activities, like tree planting. Tree planting is carried out by many Ricoh subsidiaries throughout the Asia Pacific region on an annual basis. In addition to this, Ricoh regularly collaborates with environmental NPOs and local communities to support forest ecosystem conservation campaigns all over the world. 
Harmonising with the environment is at the heart of Ricoh. At a time when “going green” was almost unheard of, Ricoh has been embracing a philosophy of respect and care for the environment more than 60 years ago since the birth of modern Ricoh after the second World War. This early and genuine commitment to social and environmental sustainability is evident in every aspect of Ricoh's engagements – from corporate-wide business functions to activities outside the office. 
This pioneering spirit also goes beyond into the future. Ricoh established a “Year 2050 Extra-Long-Term Environmental Vision” in 2005 with the goal to reduce Ricoh’s environmental impact above targets set in the Kyoto Protocol. To bring this vision into fruition, a global environmental management team is in place to ensure that an all-rounded approach is put into practice. 
To begin with, as early as the R&D stage, products are designed with environmentally friendly features like energy conservation technology, minimum components and maximum recyclable materials. This then flows through to green procurement, where harmful chemical substances are prohibited. Manufacturing facilities and logistics are streamlined to achieve zero waste and used resources are recycled. 
Marketing also encourages customers to utilize the green features of Ricoh’s products, like the quick start-up energy-saving function and made-easy duplex printing in its office equipment line. This green baton is then passed on to the service team and finally to a collection program for recycling toner bottles and machines. 
In recent years, Ricoh’s environmental efforts have been honoured with some of the most recognized awards and certifications in the world: 
– Office Equipment Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
– World Environmental Center (WEC) Gold Medal for International Achievement in Sustainable Development 
– AAA Environmental Rating (highest environmental rating by Tohmatsu Evaluation and Certification Organization (TECO), Japan 
– Green Technology Innovator Award by “The Green Climate” NPO 
– World’s Best Rating for Corporate Social Responsibility by oekom research AG of Germany 
– Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (fourth consecutive year) 
This commitment to the environment extends to the Ricoh office culture. The Ricoh Asia Pacific regional head office, for instance, is the first private company in Singapore to be awarded the Green Office Label certification in 2004 with its recycling facilities, lights-off during lunch practice and monitoring of paper and energy consumption. 
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