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SEC and Ricoh reach out to companies at the Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place vicinity for Eco Action Day 2010

Eco Action Day is held on 4th June this year in Singapore to commemorate World Environment Day (WED) as defined by the United Nations. Throughout the world, organizations and individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the environment will pledge actions that they will undertake on this special day. 
In Singapore, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd came together in 2007 to inaugurate “Eco Action Day” to encourage organizations of any size from all industries to set aside one day a year to go green. Although Eco Action Day only takes place once a year, SEC and Ricoh hope that this one day will extend to all 365 days and that this collective effort can make a real difference to counter climate change. 
A large amount of time is spent in offices every day, so the commitment from companies and organizations even for one day, to be green, is commendable and should not be under-valued. 
Eco Action Day in 2009 saw an increase in participants by around 72% from 25 organizations in 2008, achieving a collective saving of 7,767kWh of electricity and 5,001.95kg of CO2. This year, SEC and Ricoh aim to reach out to more companies to go green on 4 June 2010. A promotional campaign was kicked off with awareness posters at the Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place MRT stations. 
“Think about the analogy of people’s behavior as the icing to the cake that is technology and green innovation,” said SEC’s Executive Director, Mr. Howard Shaw. “While the hardware and infrastructure are important components in helping companies adopt a green lifestyle, the heartware aspect should not be ignored. I believe employee behavior is set to make a huge difference in environmental performance, and events like Eco Action Day will hopefully stimulate a new paradigm in the corporate world,” he added. 
Organisations participating in Eco Action Day pledge their commitment to reduce their energy consumption on 4 June by delineating the actions they will take to tackle carbon emissions. They then submit a post-activity report with accompanying pictures as proof of their eco-actions. The event website was revamped to make it more user-friendly for participants. A post-event ceremony to recognize the green efforts made by participants will be held on Wednesday, 30 June 2010, at Ricoh’s Printing Innovation Centre at VisionCrest Commercial (103 Penang Road). 
“Ricoh staff worldwide is imbued with a strong sense of caring for our earth. Our Eco Action on the World Environment Day is just a reaffirmation of Ricoh’s commitment to environmental conservation,” says Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. “This year’s contribution is our third challenge and definitely will sustain for the future.” 
Mr. Vincent Lim, Managing Director, Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd, added “Resource conservation is a task that we are unable to achieve alone. As a corporate citizen, Ricoh will continue to participate in environmental programs to alert the public about the importance of energy conservation and climate change.” 
This year, the Eco Action Day programme was extended to include a community outreach project where students from Macpherson Primary School were invited to design a poster with a green message. The selected poster design will then be mass produced and distributed to schools and community centers in Singapore in early June 2010. Students from primary schools to Junior Colleges and the Polytechnics stand to win attractive prizes from a competition organized to name the parrot central to the comics strip featured in the poster. (Please see Annex 2 for the school poster design) 
Eco Action Day is registered as an official WED Day event in Singapore under the United Nations Environmental Program. This initiative is also supported by the National Environment Agency, National Parks Board, Building and Construction Authority, and the Energy Market Authority.