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Ricoh’s Managed Document Services is driving continuous cost savings and process optimisation

Ricoh has further expanded the scope of its Managed Document Services to ensure it is providing a customer-centric service, continuous cost savings and process optimisation. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director Ricoh Asia Pacific says, “Ricoh Managed Document Services goes beyond traditional document print services. As a result of our personal and flexible approach businesses are “outservicing” their information management to Ricoh.” 
Ricoh is providing a comprehensive document management service to businesses enabling them to concentrate on their core business. Ricoh has processes in place to constantly review and refine workflows. It will create a plan for continuous improvement, which includes sustainability actions, employee engagement, optimising processes and increasing profitability. Ricoh refers to this process as “outservicing.” 
Managed Print Services are at the heart of Ricoh’s Managed Document Services. The best practices of Managed Print Services set the groundwork, but Ricoh’s Managed Document Services reaches beyond the realm of print. Ricoh is focusing on its customers’ end-users and incorporating change management by providing support and engaging employees in the process. The end-result is long-term improvements in document processing and business efficiency. Ricoh employs the best practices of Prosci’s ADKAR® model – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement – to motivate and sustain lasting change and long-term success. 
With its global capabilities, Ricoh is able to seamlessly expand the document solution from one customer site to all locations in a country or to all sites across an entire region. This ensures multi-country customers will experience a seamless solution in all sites, including support and training in multiple languages. Small and medium-sized businesses up to multinational clients are supported by local Ricoh teams and backed by global expertise. 
The Ricoh Managed Document Services journey begins with a thorough analysis of a businesses current state, followed by the design of a new, improved infrastructure. The new infrastructure is managed against goals and key performance indicators set by the customer. It is then delivered in four Customer Engagement Phases: Assess, Design, Implement and Manage. The approach helps improve the overall organization and efficient delivery of the programme and is designed to minimise any potential disruption to daily business routines. 
Ricoh has incorporated Information Technology Library Infrastructure® (ITIL) standards into its service level management to provide a methodical approach to delivering the highest level of IT service. By design, Ricoh’s Managed Document Services phases align with the service elements within the ITIL framework. The result is a close partnership between Ricoh and IT working together to move organisation toward a common goal of continuous improvement. 
Ricoh is also providing a wide range of technical support from basic break/fix support to questions related to Ricoh software and solutions. As an additional option, Ricoh is also providing on-site help desk services with full-time, dedicated employees who will work in collaboration an organisation’s existing help desk. Ricoh will also measure its services for ongoing improvements, including number of service calls, service desk standard metrics, number of resolved calls, number of dispatched calls and number of exchanged/repaired units. 
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