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“Energy Saving Marathon” Continues: Eco Action Day 2011 is on the run by SEC and Ricoh to continue their mission in reaching out to companies

3 June 2011 - Eco Action Day is back! This year, it will be held on 3rd June in Singapore to commemorate World Environment Day (WED) as defined by the United Nations. Throughout the world, organizations and individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the environment will pledge actions that they will undertake on this special day. 
Since 2007, Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd have came together to inaugurate “Eco Action Day” to encourage organizations/companies of any size from all industries to set aside one day to go green. SEC and Ricoh hope that through this one day Eco Action Day campaign, participants will extend the practice to all 365 days. This collective effort can make a real difference to counter climate change. 
A large amount of time is spent in office each day. Thus, the commitment from organizations/companies to undertake green initiatives for even one day is commendable and should not be under-valued. 
In 2010, Eco Action Day continued to achieve a higher participation and energy saving rate with 46 companies/organization sign-ups and 8,255kWh energy conserved respectively. This year, SEC and Ricoh continue to strengthen the awareness effort via the outdoor print advertisement located at Tanjong Pagar MRT platform. 
Said Ms. Uma Sachidhanandam, Director of Projects, SEC, “Through participation in Eco Action Day, we want office workers to realize that contributing to a greener office is easier than imagined. It takes just seconds to shut down computers and to switch off lights. Stickers and signs can be placed around the office to help serve as reminders to staff members. Small actions can go a long way.” 
As the participants for Eco Action Day, organizations/companies pledge their commitment to reduce their energy consumption on 3 June by delineating the actions they will take to tackle carbon emissions. They are required to submit a post-activity report accompanying with pictures as evidences for their eco-actions. A post-event ceremony to recognize the green efforts made by participants will be held on Wednesday, 29 June 2011, at Ricoh’s Printing Innovation Centre at VisionCrest Commercial Level 7 (103 Penang Road). 
“Ricoh staff worldwide is imbued with a strong sense of caring for our earth. Our Eco Action on the World Environment Day is just a reaffirmation of Ricoh’s commitment to environmental conservation,” says Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. “This year’s contribution is our third challenge and definitely will sustain for the future.” 
Mr. Vincent Lim, Managing Director, Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd, added “Resource conservation is a task that we are unable to achieve alone. As a corporate citizen, Ricoh will continue to participate in environmental programs to alert the public about the importance of energy conservation and climate change.” 
SEC and Ricoh recognize the importance of instilling the right mindset to the young. To convey the green message across all schools including both local and international, SEC and Ricoh come out with a school contest “Name the Parrot”. The awareness poster is designed in the form of comic illustrations, serving to educate the students on energy conservation. 
Eco Action Day is registered as an official WED Day event in Singapore under the United Nations Environmental Program. This initiative is also supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA), National Parks Board (Npark), Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Energy Market Authority (EMA). 
About Singapore Environment Council 
Established in 1995, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is an independently managed, non-government organization that nurtures, facilitates and co-ordinates environmental causes in Singapore. SEC’s work is founded on three pillars of action – Firstly, partnership with the people, private and public sectors of Singaporean society, to nurture a culture aligned with sustainable development concepts. Secondly, SEC rewards environmental excellence through awards schemes and product endorsement programmes, such as the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. Thirdly, the SEC collaborates with partners to develop and implement training and learning programmes to build competencies in environmental sustainability within companies, thus keeping our business leaders ahead of the curve. Visit SEC website: http// 
About Ricoh 
Ricoh is a global leader in office solutions, engaging in a wide range of activities from new development of digital networked products, including copiers, printers, fax machines to semiconductor-related products and digital cameras. To enhance the office productivity, Ricoh continues to improvise innovative way to offer values to customers and provide high-end, high quality, safe and environmental friendly print solutions that improve the workflow and reduce the total cost of ownership. With 110,000 employees worldwide, and $19 billion revenue in FY2010, Ricoh is also one of the world’s leading environmentalist companies, committed to sustainable business everywhere. Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the regional headquarters of Ricoh Company, Ltd., covering the sales and marketing activities of its subsidiaries and distributors in South East Asia, India and Oceania. Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd is a Ricoh subsidiary in Singapore.