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Ricoh raises the bar for Print Production Innovation at Pamex 2011

- Introducing new technology, company to showcase high-speed production print offerings, workflow solutions for the first time in Asia - 
New Delhi, India, 1st November 2011 - Ricoh Asia Pacific announces that it will showcase for the first time in Asia its newest innovations in production print technology at Pamex 2011, including the company’s family of high-speed production print solutions, Automated Document Factory portfolio (ADF) and many other new offerings. 
The 8th Pamex 2011 is an international exhibition on printing and allied machinery industries. The event will be held in New Delhi, India from 1st November to 4th November 2011. 
“We have successfully achieved the integration of InfoPrint AP and Ricoh AP production print assets in the region - people, solutions and sales and support coverage - and are now working together in a seamless way ” said Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific. “Each Ricoh subsidiary can now bring the benefits of the combined production print solutions portfolio from InfoPrint and Ricoh to our customers, further extending our value proposition as a one stop solution provider for high end cut sheet to continuous form printers, print management solutions and managed services". 
All Ricoh subsidiaries in Asia Pacific will carry now the full portfolio of Ricoh production innovations including the successful RICOH PRO™ C901 and recently announced RICOH PRO™ C751 cutsheet solutions, the InfoPrint 5000 and the entire set of InfoPrint software solutions. 
As a result of this integration, Ricoh increases the service and sales coverage of Ricoh Production Print Solutions to all major countries in Asia Pacific. 
At the Ricoh booth, #4055, attendees will see: 
• The InfoPrint 5000 family of color and monochrome continuous form inkjet systems – used by a large number of customers worldwide to produce print-on-demand and transaction documents, the modular family of products is available in a variety of configurations including: a range of speeds; finishing options; high quality pigment, dye and MICR inks and support for a multitude of media (e.g., EP, recycled, ground wood, offset, inkjet treated and coated stocks). The InfoPrint 5000 family provides customers a highly reliable, very compact, flexible, cost-effective and easy to use solution. 
• InfoPrint ProcessDirector enhancements to deliver ADF solutions for native PDF and AFP environments – a true industry first. These breakthrough enhancements will enable customers to optimize their PDF datastreams for high-volume production, seamlessly apply industry-leading PDF tools, leverage, maximize postage savings, provide end-to-end integrity and help save money with new ink tools. 
• The RICOH PRO™C651EX/C751EX/C751 – this new color production-class digital cut-sheet system prints at 65 ppm (C651EX) or 75 ppm (C751EX, C751) and is available as a scanner version (EX) or a printer only version, and incorporates a liquid cooled developer system. Models deliver 4800 dpi image quality, media handling from up to six different pick points and handles stock sizes up to 13” x 19.2” with a paper weight of up to 300gsm cover in simplex mode and 256gsm in duplex mode. The system also has air-assisted paper feeding in the large capacity trays. It comes equipped with a Fiery Print Color Controller. 
• Ricoh TotalFlow – where our software, services and skills come together in a portfolio of flexible and powerful one-stop print management solutions that will save time and reduce cost, covering printing production work from submission to output. 
o Capture regular and new print opportunities using web-to-print solution. 
o Prepare to drive print efficiency with variable data and print data stream solution. 
o Manage job across multiple printing systems and automate workflow with a suite of streamlining solutions 
o Output from the latest Ricoh digital color and black & white production systems.