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Eco Action Day 2012: Most Creative Action and Most CO2 Emissions Savings Awards to be given

Singapore, 4 June 2012 – This is the 6th year running for Eco Action Day. Held annually on the 5th June, in conjunction with World Environment Day, it is an energy-conservation campaign that encourages organizations, whether big or small, to go green and take action on this day.
Inaugurated in 2007, Eco Action Day was an initiative started by Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Ricoh Singapore, with the Singapore Environment Council (SEC). It started with a group of only 18 organisations in 2007, to a quadruple-jump of 75 organisations in 2011. Mr Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd said, “With the collective effort of every organization who participates in this campaign, we hope to make a difference in countering the effects of climate change”
Co-organising with Ricoh this year is Siglap Secondary School, who worked with Ricoh on the “Give Captain Peco a Story” contest, a branch from the Eco Action Day to also reach out to students to consider the environment and using resources responsibly. “Paying for electricity can be expensive.” suggested by Mdm Rosmiyati Butami, a teacher of Siglap Secondary School, “By conserving energy in the schools, the savings can be translated into more funds for student activities.”
For this year, there are two awards to be given, namely, the Most Creative Action Award and the Most CO2 emissions savings Award to encourage organisations to go the extra mile to consider the eco-actions to be taken, and to be more all-encompassing for staff. Feedbacks from an organisation quoted that they have an observable energy savings after they have participated in Eco Action Day for the past few years. Eco Action Day has proven also to be a platform to help organisations to take its first step in going green in their offices.
For Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, they have decided to be creative and organised a Terrarium Workshop on the 5th June 2012 to encourage staff to have hands-on experience with nature. The staff have expressed their excitement and many have signed up the first day the workshop registration was launched in the office.
Ricoh Singapore, the sales subsidiary of Ricoh Asia Pacific, has also decided to go a step further by having an Eco Action Week, instead of just a one-day affair. A series of eco-related activities starts on 4th June to develop staff’s eco-consciousness in the form of quizzes, video screening and environment-related articles. Staff are also encourage to take their own eco pledge. “The objective of this event is to demonstrate that it is everyone’s effort in terms of conservation and creating environmental awareness among staff.” Commented by Mr Cho Zhi Seng, Senior Environment Executive of Ricoh Singapore.
Among the participants that have signed up to date, Furama City Centre, a BCA Certified Green-Mark Platinum Building, and Nanyang Technological University was one of the first-time participants this year. Organisations such as Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and Senoko Power have committed to Eco Action on 5th June since Eco Action Day first started in 2007.
This year, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) has echoed this initiative enthusiastically by posting about Eco Action Day on their official facebook page.
Eco Action Day has also started its very own facebook page, using creative images and daily eco-office tips to inspire users and vistors to Eco-Action. Since the launch in May, it has attained a weekly reach of more than 2,400 people.
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Eco Action Day’s homepage (