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Green Leadership Award: Powering green awareness & action through Eco Action Day Campaign


Singapore, 1 July 2013 – Green Leadership Award, the first environmental recognition to Ricoh in Asia Pacific Region for its effort towards making a difference to the environment.

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore’s sole representative, is one of the 20 companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand to receive the prestigious Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 Southeast Asia for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives under the Green Leadership category.
Ricoh initiated Eco Action Day as the first annual nationwide energy saving campaign with Singapore Environment Council in 2007. It is endorsed by other several government agencies such as National Environment Agency, National Climate Change Secretariat and Energy Market Authority.
Eco Action Day encourages any organization or institutions to go green and take eco action in office, in conjunction with the World Environment Day (WED) on 5th June. To date, more than 300 organizations have come together as a collective effort in playing a part to counter the climate change.
 photo awardceremony_zps1ac3a76b.png
Starting from left: Mr. William Ng, President (Enterprise Asia), Mr. LT. GEN Sudhir Sharma, Ex Quarter Master General India Army, Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director (Ricoh Asia Pacific) & Ms. Masayo Hada, Manager of Environment Management Group (Ricoh Asia Pacific)
“This award means a lot to us as we have set a really good example to other Ricoh regional offices such as Europe and America to continue this green effort. This is definitely not by one effort; it is an accumulative result after so many years of continuous effort despite difficulties. The receiving of this award further motivate us to work and think even harder to bring the campaign to next level.” quoted by Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, during the interview with CNBC Asia.
 photo CNBCinterview_zps2b50933a.png
Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific, interviewed by CNBC Asia
Ricoh has been committed to sustainable environmental management back in 1970s. The practice involved the whole product life cycle from product design, production, marketing and customer services to end of life product. Such practices reduce the environmental impacts, and at the same time, create economic value for the investors, clients and employees.
Ricoh will continue to seek for possible collaboration with other organizations and institutions to further develop a broader outreach and publicity for the campaign.
For more information about the campaign, please visit our website at