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A milestone in Ricoh with the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award 2014

Singapore, 25 August 2014 – This is another milestone in Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd while Vincent Lim, Managing Director of Ricoh Singapore, received the Merit Award for the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) – Kimberly-Clark Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services) on behalf of Ricoh Asia Pacific on 21st August.
This is one of the most prestigious awards in Singapore led by the SEC. The award recognized Ricoh for incorporating sustainable services as components of strategies into its business operations. This includes reducing the negative environmental impact while providing improved social and environmental benefits to customers and raising the environmental awareness among its customers through advocacy campaign, Eco Action Day, as part of Ricoh’s sustainable environmental management.
“Ricoh is honoured to receive this prestigious recognition. We treat sustainable development seriously and are committed to fulfill our three principles - Good for “Environment”, “Economy” and “People”. Therefore, it’s important for us to maintain competitive to the customers’ benefits while promoting sustainable development.” said Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
 photo 15bc4d78-cfc5-45d3-9b4c-92177f7a2b5e_zps6cbd2b1c.png
All award winners, including Vincent Lim, Managing Director of Ricoh Singapore & Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Environment and Water Resources
Through the advancement in environmental technology, Ricoh has been introducing strong and compelling green technology solutions. Significant progress has been achieved with the development of new alternative materials, the creation of a paperless environment and the introduction of reusable/ rewritable technology to replace paper. To achieve both reduction in environmental impact and creation of economic value, Ricoh provides its customers with products that generate low environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.
In conjunction with Ricoh’s sustainable offices concept that aims at optimizing customers’ work flow and ways of working, it created Total Green Office Solution (TGOS), a business tool that supports visualizing, analyzing, and minimizing environmental impacts and costs incurred at each stage of selection, use and recycling of Ricoh products and services. Through TGOS, an ideal workplace will be met in the view of balancing environmental sustainability, economical/social sustainability and human sustainability.
Since 2007, together with Singapore Environment Council, Ricoh also embarked on the perpetual Eco Action Day campaign to raise the public awareness of climate change issues by rallying organizations to join an environmental event as a corporate commitment. To date, more than 500 organizations have participated in this annual national campaign. For more information about Eco Action Day, please visit