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Laserfiche Avante

Laserfiche Avante brings together our industry-leading document management system and powerful, fully integrated Workflow functionality. Whether you have a staff of one or one hundred, you'll simplify complex tasks, promote better decision making and keep your organisation moving forward. Designed for departments and small to mid-size organisations, Laserfiche Avante is a complete solution that helps you to most effectively utilise information. 


About Laserfiche Avante

  • Laserfiche Avante provides a document management system with fully integrated business process management. More than static archival, Avante provides powerful tools for automating and optimising business processes across your business.
  • Your organisation will move beyond simple document routing to automating everyday tasks, optimising business processes and sharing information with a wide variety of applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Named user licenses include document management, WorkflowTM, SnapshotTM and email functionality.
  • Servers are sold individually and support industry-standard Microsoft and Oracle database platforms which maximises the value of your current IT investments.
  • Easily expand your system with additional functionality available for a percentage of the cost of total named user licenses.
  • Add transparent records management on a per-server basis.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications enables users to send files to Laserfiche at the click of a button, while support for a wide range of both standard and specialised scanners allows users to rapidly digitise paper documents, as well as legacy microfilm and microfiche.





Winner of the BLI Solutions 5 star award - LaserficheTM is a digital archiving solution for MFP's which allows for easy retrieval of documents.