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EZ Charger Xpress

Monitor and Control Document Output Costs

In today’s challenging business environment, companies are realizing the importance of controlling the use of shared resources such as multifunction products (MFPs).


This is especially so in SMBs, where unmonitored usage of these devices can lead to wastage and high cost. While there are many types of solutions available to keep track of MFP usage, they are usually designed for larger organizations. This means that they are too complex and costly for SMBs to use.


About EZ Charger Xpress

EZ Charger Xpress is an affordable cost accounting solution that is ideal for SMBs. It provides all the important features required to accurately monitor and control MFP resources and user operations. For example, it gives administrators the ability to track copy, print, scan and fax operations, as well as set usage quotas for individual users.


EZ Charger Xpress does not require any connection to a server.


Features and Benefits

  • Serverless Cost Accounting

    EZ Charger Xpress does not require a connection to a server in order for copy, print, scan and fax functions to be monitored. Apart from these tracking features, the solution enables administrators to set quotas and automate periodic account balance top-ups.

    Administrators can also generate detailed reports with information on all MFP activity for cost tracking and billing purposes with the Utility tool.

    User account balances can be synchronized with up to 5 MFPs, allowing users to print at any device that is convenient and available.

  • Mobile Device Support

    EZ Charger Xpress supports WiFi or WiFi Direct connections, which allow users to print from mobile and scan to mobile. This provides users with more convenience and flexibility

  • Follow-Me-Print (Secure Print)

    Users can now choose to securely release their prints from any device on the same network. This not only enhances security, but also improves productivity as it reduces print queues.

  • Flexible Login Methods

    Users are able to lo in to EZ Charger Xpress via these methods (1) Manual Login (2) Mobile Device (3) Pattern Pad (4) Optional Card Authentication Reader


Using EZ Charger Xpress

To use EZ Charger Xpress, customers need to install the client application on a supported MFP and the EZ Charger Xpress Admin Tool on a PC



  • Choose to specify the detailed cost of each MFP resource. The cost is based, for example on the paper size and whether the printing or copying is black and white or color.
  • The solution is able to generate detailed reports for chargeback purposes.
  • Set an automatic periodic allocation or restriction on MFP resources for each user in an organization, ensuring better resource management.



  • Presented with account balance upon log in. Depending on user access rights, print copy and scan functions are available at their fingertips.