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Tap 'n Print

Securing shared resources

Tap 'n Print is a software application that holds print jobs electronically at a shared printer or MFP, allowing individual users to manually release them for printing only when they go to the device. Print jobs are associated with a unique user code, stored in the printer driver in individual PCs, ensuring document security and confidential user access.


About Tap 'n Print

  • Users send their documents for printing at a shared printer or MFP, where they are stored on the device's hard disk drive (HDD).
  • Users tap their identification cards to release their documents for printing.
  • Unreleased stored documents can be automatically deleted after a designated period of time.


Features and Benefits

  • Documents can only be printed when a user taps his/her ID card on the device's card reader, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to unattended documents.
  • Tap n' Print's print queue management feature lets administrators set time-based rules for how long jobs can remain in the print queue, automatically deleting abandoned jobs and reducing wasted paper and MFP usage.
  • Tapping twice prints a history of the 35 most recent print jobs.
  • Queued documents are retained even in the event of printer or MFP power-loss, ensuring minimal workflow interruption.

Using Tap 'n Print

  • The Tap 'n print software package consists of a Java Application that is embedded in the printer or MFP, with no additional server required or software installed on user PCs.
  • All sent print jobs are automatically held in the device's hard disk drive until the originating user taps his/her ID card on the card reader.
  • Tap 'n Print's secure, rapid configuration and easy interface provide administrators in your organisation maximum efficiency.
  • Tap n' Print unobtrusively incorporates itself into an organisation's workflow.