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Kofax Account Payable Solution

Kofax accounts payable solution is a versatile, low-code platform for developing and deploying smart process applications. It combines intelligent business process and dynamic case management capabilities with market-leading multichannel capture, mobile, analytics, e-signature, content integration and interactive customer communications.  



Kill Paper Entry
Eliminates the use of paper as soon as possible in the business process
Multiple Process Under a Single Platform
Enable a single enterprise platform that can cater for different  business processes
Proactively improve the back office and advisor communication with defined SLAs and KPIs
Unified Digital Processes
Deliver Smart Process Applications that create the essential link between ERP’s and systems of engagement
Know What is Happening and Why
Effectively uses process analytics to determine the efficiency of every step of a business process. Monitor the operational intelligence of the incoming/outgoing process to raise user’s efficiency and effectiveness
Extract and Validate Data at the Start of a Process
Automate data extraction (Optical Character Recognition – OCR) into actionable invoices


  • Increase Straight Through Processing
  • Create Best Supplier Experience
  • Provide Process Accountability
  • Reduce Turnaround Time