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RICOH Mobile PrintScan App

Print, scan, and manage your documents on your personal mobile device


Meet productivity on the move 

RICOH Mobile PrintScan is a bring-your-owndevice (BYOD) solution that mpowers the mobile workforce like yourself to become more exible and productive with printing, scanning, and document management on your personal mobile device without having to go through complicated and tedious setup procedures.


By selecting the required scan preferences and pressing the ‘Start’ button, you will be able to get scanned copies of the documents through a Multi Functional Device with ease on your mobile device. There is no longer the need to open dierent applications and devices to get these scanned documents on your mobile. Printing is also a breeze as you need to only select the document and destination for the Multi Functional Device to get it printed.


Printing Features:

  • Supported print preview file formats – PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TXT, RTF, XLS, PPT.
  • Various printing options – Fully customisable printing options, including page orientation, layout, duplex printing, and paper size.
  • Added security – Passwords and user authentication prevent unauthorized printing of documents at the Multi Functional Device.

Scanning Features:

  • Supported scan preview file formats – PDF, JPEG, TIFF (single or multiple).
  • Metadata search function for PDFs – You can easily locate PDFs on the device with metadata inputs.
  • Ease of transferring file to third party applications – Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive without being limited to any platforms.


  • No setup required
  • Ease of use
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced flexibility