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Dataworks SMB

Fully Automate Transactional and Direct Mail VDP Workflows

Dataworks SMB software lets you fully automate and control the process of designing, merging and outputting your variable data driven transactional and direct mail documents.


About Dataworks3 SMB

  • Organizations can use Dataworks3 SMB to make powerful connections with customers and prospects by automating direct mail and transactional workflows
  • Dynamically output business transactional documents to any or all destinations including Ricoh print devices, client email addresses, fax numbers and/or archive systems, individually or simultaneously
  • Create colorful direct mail promotions by merging data with targeted graphics, logos, and content to achieve the highest possible response from recipients
  • Transform expensive preprinted forms into dynamic cost effective color documents printed to any Ricoh print device
  • Lower mail-room operating costs by saving on postage, labor, time and equipment with optional Dataworks3 MAIL Option
  • Dataworks Archive options provide automated archival of documents in electronic format. When used in conjunction with Ricoh's DocumentMall solution, hardcopy storage costs can be significantly reduced and provides for improvements in workflow processes and regulatory compliance.


Features and Benefits

  • Automate creation and printing of business forms and transactional documents including: orders, checks, invoices, customer statements, reports and more
  • Build direct mail pieces that include personalized promotions based on customer account details
  • Personalize communications for virtually any industry including: real estate, retail, finance, education, healthcare and general business applications
  • Deliver multi-channel marketing by distributing one-to-one documents to email applications and fax systems
  • Create automated archival of transactional documents, such as bills, checks, invoices and purchase orders to streamline workflow processes by leveraging the Dataworks Archive option with Ricoh's exclusive DocumentMall solution.
  • Save steps through automation - run processes automatically according to a pre-defined rules
  • Eliminate the need to purchase and store pre-printed forms, green-bar paper, letterhead and other pre-printed forms
  • Lower postage costs and streamline variable data driven workflows with the Dataworks3 MAIL Option
  • Reduce document storage costs and filing errors with the Dataworks Archive option