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Total Green Office Solutions

As a leader in environmental management, we understand the importance of corporate sustainability – for our business and our customers. So we have developed tools that deliver real, measurable green outcomes – and cost savings – for your organisation.

Green Consultancy


Via our consultancy service, Ricoh staff can audit and analyse your current device usage, energy consumption and paper use. Based on this information, we will create an optimisation scenario which not only reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but also reduces your energy use, paper costs and CO2 impact. Your organisation will realise significant business process improvements, making it leaner and greener.

Compare and assess

Ricoh's Green Calculator provides an estimate of the energy consumption of your current fleet, including Ricoh and non-Ricoh devices. These are compared against proposed new Ricoh devices, using 'typical electricity consumption' (TEC) values -- an independent energy usage indicator method developed by Energy Star. You can choose to display the values as:

  • kWh's of power consumed
  • CO2 emissions in kilograms
  • Electricity cost in local currency
  • Amount of trees that need to be planted to offset CO2 emissions

Energy and paper consumption of proposed Ricoh devices can also be projected with Ricoh's Green Calculator, using our internal benchmarking data. This allows a more accurate projection of the proposed Ricoh fleet compared to using TEC values alone.

Monitor and audit

The Ricoh @RemoteTM Intelligent Management System monitors Ricoh networked printers and MFDs at multiple locations, enabling you to identify over and under-utilised print devices, automate service and maintenance tasks (including meter billing) and minimise total cost of ownership by shifting print volumes to lower cost devices.


For details, please download the brochure here.