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RICOH Pro L5160

Wide Format

Made to drive your business forward

The RICOH Pro L5160 provides impressive productivity with a speed of 46.7 m²/h for 4-Colour (4C) outdoor standard and 25.0 m²/h for 4C indoor standard. It comes with Ricoh’s enhanced Gen5 series printheads and improved Aqueous Resin (AR) latex ink with fast curing technology that dries the output as soon as it comes off the printer

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- Robust RICOH MH5441 printheads ideal for busy industrial printing environments
- High adhesion properties of Ricoh AR latex ink enables printing on permeable and non-permeable substrates
- Simultaneous production of multiple sized ink drops provides consistently smooth images
- 4.3” colour touch panel provides intuitive interface and hard keys for frequently-used functions
- Odourless prints reduce the need for special workplace ventilation