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DD 6650P

Digital Duplicators

High-productivity digital duplicator with superior image quality

Be prepared to be astounded by Ricoh’s flagship digital duplicator, the DD 6650P. It speeds along at an incredible 135 pages per minute to totally transform your printing productivity. At the same time you will benefit from the best image reproduction in its class. Ultra-reliable and remarkably easy to operate, the DD 6650P will meet all your needs for high-quality, high-volume printing. And that’s not all. It comes fully network-ready, incorporates comprehensive reporting, and is equipped with innovative, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving features.

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Outstanding productivity and durability

The six-step print speed reaches an exceptional 135 pages per minute, which helps high-volume professional printers maximise their productivity and drive down costs. Its lifetime is an unprecedented 15 million prints. A thickened film and a porous layer increase the durability of the HQ master to 4,000 sheets; double that of a conventional master.

Superb image reproduction

At the heart of the DD 6650P is Ricoh’s innovative HQ System, which consists of an HQ master, HQ ink and auto print pressure control. You’ll notice the difference: no set-off, no print-through, excellent solid fill-in, superior smoothness of halftone and photo images, and reduced roller marks and stains. The device offers real 600 dpi scanning and mastermaking. The results are consistently top-quality duplex and multi-colour prints that truly stand out.

High reliability

The DD 6650P is designed to run without any problems. Its enhanced paper feed capability reduces paper jams, misfeeds and double feeds. Should a misfeed occur, it is automatically detected by a sensor and the retry mechanism comes into play to allow non-stop printing. A double feed is immediately detected and indicated on the LCD screen. Optimal paper alignment is ensured by buffer fins on the delivery tray.

Easy operation

The interactive LCD touchscreen is attractively and ergonomically designed. User-friendliness is enhanced by large-sized display characters. Instructions are easy to understand and follow. Print status is clearly visible at all times. Operating errors are reduced by keys with a definite press sensation, and a single button for print and master-making.

Accurate registration

An innovative paper clamping system increases registration accuracy. This leads to top-quality multi-colour prints – even on special papers. Implement the optional PostScript module to produce near full-colour images using the colour separation function.

Easy networking and reporting

Operate directly from a PC thanks to the built-in network printer controller. The device’s @Remote capability enables auto meter reading and fleet reporting. Auto meter reading reduces the time, effort and cost spent manually retrieving master and page counts. Fleet reporting leads to optimal device layout, improved workflow, fleet optimisation and ultimately reduced running costs.

Environmentally responsible

At Ricoh we help you lower your environmental footprint. As a digital duplicator requires no heat for printing, power consumption is low. Select the auto shut-off mode and the machine will shut down completely after a certain time, to reduce power consumption to zero. In addition, this environmentally responsible digital duplicator is Energy Star compliant. This means less CO2 is produced in providing the energy needed to run it.