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Ribbon D110A Specialty Resin

  • Printing on receiving cloths (nylon, polyester, acetate)
  • Superior ironing resistance at temperature up to 150°C
  • Wash resistance - water washing (at 80°C, 225 minutes), dry cleaning (perchloroethylene 40°C, 30 minutes)

Ribbon Properties

  • Total ribbon thickness: < 9 μm
  • Polyester film thickness: 4.5 μm
  • Friction coefficient: <0.050
  • Ink melting point: 83°C
  • Tearing resistance: > 200N/mm²
  • Transmission density: 0.65 mini


D110A Durability

Storage Condition

Usage conditions: 5 to 35°C at 30 to 85% of relative humidity.

Storage conditions: Keep indoors avoiding high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight.

Storage life: 12 months after production.

Printed Image Durability 

 TESTS with standard nylon care labelsRESULT

 Standard wash

25 washing at 40°C during 45 minutes - Test ISO C06A1M
 Stardard wash
25 washing at 60°C during 45 minutes - Test ISO C06A1M
Stone wash
1 time
Dry cleaning
5 times
Direct & indirect ironing (150°C)
20 back and forwards
Diluted to 5% during 2h
Xenon lamp at 650W/m during 1 month

***The above data represents product averages, allowing for industry accepted variances. These products should be tested in the end-use conditions to ensure that they meet the requirements of the specific application. Specifications may change without notice.