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Data Centers

Data center solutions for the lifeblood of your business.

It is necessary for an organization to remain agile and quick to respond to changes with the cutting-edge technology, Data Center on Local or on cloud, which empowers your organization with flexibility and security. Managed Data Center Services from RICOH will enable your organization to do so under the planned budget.

Increasing efficiency with Hyper Converged Infrastructure and integrating among compute, storage and software defined.

  • Quick start
  • Accommodating growth by scaling out
  • Working with High Availability
  • Compatible with cloud system
  • Easy system monitoring
  • Reducing maintenance cost in a long term

RICOH is ready to design solutions that fit the requirements of each organization with solutions and devices from renowned and reliable vendors. RICOH insists in excellent after-sales service to help the organization to operate smoothly and efficiently, leading to time-saving and minimizing potential problems.