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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, information and system security that should not be overlooked.

Smooth business operation is crucial for organizations. Business might lose its revenue if system disruption occurs even for just a second. To avoid that to happen, RICOH has a system back-up and recovery that fits business needs, enabling fast accessibility to data.

Appropriate system back-up and recovery is crucial for organizations

Disaster can happen anytime.

However, the question for each organization lies in whether digital data of your organization will be damaged. Sometimes, when disaster takes over the place or the device where the data is stored, it might be inevitable to avoid the effect.

DR Site or Disaster Recovery Site is a solution that tackles this problem. The storage can be recovered anytime in case of disaster or periodical loss of data either from nature or human. This fuels the organization with confidence that there will be no data damage. In addition, business can operate smoothly. You can choose back-up and recovery services based on the requirements of each organization.

RICOH will design and advise solutions for Disaster Recovery with renowned and reliable products to protect important systems that support business continuity with no disruption. Let's see what DR site can do:

  • Multi-site Disaster Recovery can accommodate DR on different sites, which meets compliance and copes with downtime on different sites.
  • Near sync Disaster Recovery has the lowest RPO at 20 seconds, which is 3 times better than usual.
  • Being able to cater to synchronous data replication on different sites, appropriate for critical jobs such as VDI or database.
  • The latest DR Ochestration with Runbook enables you to manage recovery stages more easily and more flexibly