CCTV Camera

CCTV system with integrated surveillance and security solution

We provide consulting and design camera solutions for customers.

We find camera and devices which suites with customer’s need and budget. We install, cable, and maintain the camera with our expertise. Also, we manage the camera system matching with the customer’s needs effectively. In addition, the camera can be integrated with other security systems such as access control, fire alarm, public address, etc.

  • Safety & Security
  • Reducing cost & Increasing margin
  • Efficiency improvement

Types of cameras

  1. Box camera is suitable for a bright environment. However, if the camera will be used outside, the camera must be installed inside the housing which is a waterproof box. The strength of this of the camera is that the lens can be changed. (Most camera prices do not include lens prices) In addition, some models have a built-in microphone for recording. Therefore, it can be used in many ways according to the type of lens.
  2. Dome camera has a compact, half-circle dome-like shape. This type of camera is often installed in the building where a neat and tidy view is needed. Due to its form, it would be hard for intruders to throw the cloth to cover the camera. Additionally, the camera can be rotated 360 degrees and is available for both day and night mode.
  3. Bullet camera can be installed outside the building without the housing. The highlight of this camera is that it is waterproof, rainproof, heat resistant, and can be viewed even in no light. Thus, it can be installed everywhere, such as factories, houses, roads, etc. Users can view images both day and night. However, when the camera is set to night mode, the images will be shown in black and white which is a common feature of infrared.
  4. Speed Dome can rotate (PAN) around 360 degrees, tilt up to 90 degrees, and zoom (Optical Zoom). The camera can be controlled by a controller or keyboard. Also, the auto tracking function is available for locking and automatically following the targets. Available for both indoor and outdoor use.
  5. Fish eye or Panoramic camera provides 180° or 360° field of view suitable for applications requiring single view wide area surveillance.

Special Camera

  1. Thermal cameras are ideal for securing areas with complete darkness.
  2. Explosion-proof camera is suitable for high-risk explosion or hazardous chemicals areas like oil refineries or chemical warehouses.
  3. Hidden Camera/ Pin-Hole Camera, The primary purpose of Hidden Camera or Spy Camera is to hide where the camera is installed. Therefore, it is sometimes called a pinhole camera.
  • Audio Detection & Face Recognition
    The system will notify when it dectects the setup audio level. Also, the camera will detect individual identity and informed automatically.
  • Line Crossing Detection
    The system will be alert if the objects cross the line.
  • Scene Change Detection
    Notification for scene or direction changing can be setup.
  • Field Detection
    Detect specified object sizes when it comes to the protected area.
  • People Counting
    The number of people will be counted when they move through the specified line.
  • Object Tracking
    Detect and track object movement.

R2Watch Solution

Intelligent cloud computing system with zero Investment.

Cloud based CCTV rental services from Ricoh serve SMEs companies to have a surveillance system without investing in devices. Periodic payment can be well managed easily without concerning to system maintenance cost. Support with live-feed on cloud and mobile application to monitor from anywhere using smartphone, ensuring that no data recorded is destroyed by intruder as they're all on cloud.

Secure by Cloud Storage Video

Confidently secure your video records on cloud supporting with live feed feature and historical view at anywhere anytime. Including service support by Helpdesk Service Team to give to give consult to customer.

  1. Zero investment
    Customer only provide Internet, other investment is zero because our rental service include devices and installation already (Term and conditions apply). This solution is suitable for SME, home office or home security.
  2. Cloud computing storage
    With cloud computing, this helps protect the data recorded from data loss, devices being stolen or physical hard disk destroyed.
  3. Service Maintenance
    Our service maintenance include spare unit to change without extra charge (Terms and conditions apply).