Amata Siam empowers its printing capability with RICOH Pro C7200X

Tanakotchaporn Siripet, CEO of Amata Siam 2017 reveals the starting point of his business that it originated from the fact that his father collected a lot of Buddha amulets. However, he didn't have any knowledge about them. When his father passed away, he didn't know where to keep them. Some of those amulets were sold at inexpensive prices, and he kept some of the highly valuable ones, and that was when he started learning in this field seriously.

Amata Siam 2017 is directly related with Buddha amulets. We check and certify them, and also provide courses on Phra Somdej Tor (Promrangsri). The Buddha amulets of all 3 temples include Wat Rakhang, Wat Bang Khun Phrom, and Wat Gate Chaiyo. His courses were developed on February 14, 2017, and have been available up until now. He examines the age of the amulets from the early age, the middle age, and the late age by using scientific principles.

Printers are a critical factor because the pictures in the books he publishes must be clear. This RICOH printer shows the high quality of the printing. The clarity of images and the vividness of various colors are excellent. He prints Dharma and prayer books, and distributed them free of charge. In the future, he is going to print textbooks for Distance Education Institution as teaching materials for 5 amulet courses; Wan, Chin, Soil, Powder and Metal materials. There is also an additional course called Benjapakee.

RICOH Pro C7200X enhances efficiency

He uses RICOH Pro C7200X. It is used for printing textbooks, and a few magazines. With this printer, he can limit the printing quantity. The colors are awesome. This printer has the special color "invisible red". It is used for printing the certificates of highly expensive Buddha amulets. For example, he has already certified the Banjapakee amulet worth 100,000,000 Baht. He needs the special ink in order to print the certificate so that no one knows whether it is authentic or not. This is confidential. Only Amata Siam and the informed customers know.

When talking about how this RICOH printer meets his requirements, he would say that the resolution is superb, compared to a lot of books he has seen or printed from other printing houses. The quality of this printer is unparalleled. He can adjust the level of the brightness and sharpness. These is no need to reduce the quality of the working files. This printer is the best solution. It also helps to reduce his production cost. Previously, the printing cost for each quarter was a million Baht. He would rather manage the entire process by himself, and can cut a lot of cost. Obviously, it is the right answer to fulfill his needs. There is no other printer like this one.

Upon doing his research about the printer before selecting which to buy, he found it quite impressive, and the price was not too high. Therefore, he decided to buy this printer. The after-sales services are great as staff always take a good care of his company. They provide us an assistance, giving advice about the printer as well as paper, which makes him really impressed.