Casio sees RICOH as partner who helps to deal with print management 

RICOH is honored to have Ms. Chonticha Rimsamrong, who works as a Supervisor of Administration Department at Casio (Thailand) Ltd. and is in charge of providing services and support to company staff and  taking care of the copy machines in the company as well, talk about problems she has encountered and shared her experience from using RICOH products and services.

The vision and mission of Casio Thailand are set by Casio Computer headquarter which assigns these core components to each Casio's affiliated companies in foreign countries to follow.

Printing challenges and RICOH products in use

Previously, before using RICOH, most of the problems Casio were faced with were similar to those of the traditional offices which usually have a big pile of documents, resulting in little physical space left. Sometimes, printing process was pretty slow, and the staff had to do it on their own. They sometimes printed documents without careful review. These wrongly printed documents were left unattended, leading to wasted paper, expenditure and physical space. However, RICOH's functions allow Casio to recheck before printing, which helps to save time and cost.

Multifunction copiers are currently used in 3 branches; Nakorn Ratchasrima, Sukhumvit, and Nava Nakorn while small ones are used in limited area like the production line. All of the multifunction copiers in the three plants are RICOH.

Impression towards RICOH

After using RICOH, the difference is quite obvious, particularly their customer services which can respond to Casio need quite well. The supervisor goes on that those who use multifunction copiers simply need these capabilities; fast-working and easy to use.

RICOH can fulfill whatever request Casio makes, and can differentiate themselves in terms of its great services such as machine maintenance, product installation or function improvement. Whatever it is, RICOH will try to figure their way out, and meet Casio’s demands.

Casio is pleased with the software installed as the ID code can be set for granting access. Casio has also put this in Kaizen competition as well. Only one click enables users to print easily without the need to press any complicated buttons. Time saving is the first advantage Casio has experienced, and it is pretty impressive.

RICOH and Casio as partner

Upon doing the survey to seek partners, the brand's reputation is a priority. Casio took into account what the neighbors choose and what problems they are faced with. The organization studied RICOH company profile regarding the quality of multifunction copiers, how they are manufactured, how the process is managed as well as how the services and maintenance are. Casio found that RICOH is very outstanding in terms of their services. Therefore, Casio decided to choose RICOH as our partner.

In addition, Casio consults with RICOH about future goals, and discuss problems with them. Paper consumption is the company’s issue as there are a lot of paper printed and copied. Casio would like to decrease the amount of paper consumption to reduce global warming and increase physical space.

Casio and RICOH always strive for improvement, and exchange new innovations. Sometimes, as a manufacturing plant, Casio has some restrictions regarding the security of the server. The company needs to protect the data with secure access since Casio is a renowned watch manufacturer. Therefore, the organization has to ensure that things are safe and secure.

Casio has come to the point where it is quite satisfied with the development. The company will always keep up with new technology. The advancement of technology may make it possible for Casio to become a paperless office some day. This is Casio’s ultimate goal that needs the collaboration between both RICOH and Casio.