Heng Leasing enhances printing capability with production printers from RICOH

Today, leasing service is not only involved with the government or commercial banks, but also financial institutions called Non-Bank. This is an interesting option for people as it can easily be accessed. Heng Leasing is a famous leasing service provider and favored by a lot of clients with its significant vision "Financial service provider preferred in each local area".

Mr.Peerawit Anuntasej, Solution Director of Heng Leasing, explains why Heng Leasing is different from other financial institutions. Clients can more easily reach to the source of fund compared to other methods. The company also has a number of staff who can take a good care of its clients, giving assistance and consultation to clients with sincerity. In other words, Heng Leasing is like a "Financial Best Friend" for its clients.

Regarding the operation, Heng Leasing is deemed as a fast-growing company. It started the business in January 2016. Now, there are 290 branches across the areas of the North, the Upper Central, the West, and the North East of Thailand. The company is continually expanding more branches to support its client’s financial requirements, such as a second-hand car and loan. As the Heng Leasing is growing, and more branches mean more documents, Heng Leasing needs to find a new printing solution to cater to this.

The Solution Director also adds that the company manages documents by separating documents into internal and external documents. The internal documents are mainly stored in digital formats while the external documents, such as loan agreements, are stored in paper format, being kept and indexed in cabinets. In addition, Heng Leasing prints customer’s invoices itself without outsourcing.


Upgrading printing system to support growth

Heng Leasing has been using RICOH multifunction color printers from its start. Due to the fact that the company has grown rapidly, and expanded many branches, leading to more clients, Heng Leasing feels the urge to expand the printing system from multifunction printers to production printers which include RICOH Pro 8200S and Pro 8210S to support the increasing amount of workload.
Mr.Peerawit reveals that after using these two production printers, he has nothing to worry about. The printers offer high-resolution quality and fast printing, which helps to save time in printing invoices and receipts from days to hours. (RICOH Pro 8200S= 96 ppm and RICOH Pro 8210S =111 ppm). Therefore, Heng Leasing is immensely impressed with the printing efficiency as it enables clients to get receipts more quickly.

Worth the investment and meet printing demands

Heng Leasing has been using RICOH Production Printing for almost 2 years. All along, the company hasn't found any problems. RICOH printers offer high-speed printing and high-resolution quality. In terms of after-sales services, RICOH is ranked in a good level as it has a pro-active services in which RICOH team will always be ready to serve and give consultation about printers to its customers. All of these reasons leave a positive impression on Heng Leasing. It is a good investment indeed.