Jake Yamashita visits Ricoh Thailand

by Ricoh Thailand13 Feb 2023

According to American author and futurist, Jamais Cascio, we are now living in a chaotic and complex world that can be explained through the Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible (BANI) model.

Triggered by events such as COVID-19, it means we now live in a disruptive world where the unexpected is expected, changes may creep into our lives without any signs, the future is completely unpredictable, and vague understanding is commonplace.

However, despite the challenges of the pandemic, Ricoh Thailand (RTH) never ceased developing and increasing our ability to react and respond to changes effectively. And throughout the difficult times, we have shown that our improvement in technologies and solutions can benefit the Thai community.

Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our strengths and initiatives to Ricoh Company, Ltd president and CEO, Jake Yamashita. During Jake’s official two-day visit, we showed him that every Ricoh mission is possible in Thailand through our focused efforts.

DAY 1: Exploring the RICOH Experience Center and meeting RTH community

Jake began the first day of his visit at True Digital Park, where he met up with two Thai IT personalities—Dr Tarit Nimmanwudipong, general manager at True Digital Park, and Pongsuk Hiranprueck, host and content creator of local IT media channel Beartai Studio.

They were delighted to share and exchange ideas and opinions with Jake on several topics affecting the IT and business landscape today.

True Digital Park is also where our RICOH Experience Center is located, and Jake took the time to tour our showcase of innovative products and solutions.

Jake visitJoji Tokunaga, General Manager of Ricoh Asia Pacific and Latin America (5th from the left); Jake Yamashita, President and CEO of Ricoh Global (6th from left); Julian J.L. Fryett, President of Ricoh Thailand (7th from left); and top management personnel posing in front of the RICOH Experience Center
Jake visitJake discussing the next move to drive sustainability with Dr. Tarit Nimmanwudipong (General manager, True Digital Park) in CP Innovation for Sustainability Center
Jake visitJake meeting Pongsuk Hiranprueck (IT host and content creator, Beartai Studio)

Next, Jake gave a presentation and answered the audience’s questions at a townhall meeting in RTH headquarters.

After Jake was briefed about our implementation of Ricoh Asia Pacific’s new digital services portfolio (4 Pillars), RISE training, Foundation Day 2023 activities, and our plan to expand our solar panel system, he was introduced to several outstanding employees.

These employees included a call centre member with visual impairment who has been working with RTH for 29 years, as well as those who had won RTH’s Qualified Account Manager awards.

Finally, we concluded Day 1 with a CSR project where Jake distributed Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboards and projectors to 12 schools in the Prawet district.

Jake visitJake sharing Ricoh’s vision and goals with RTH employees at the townhall meeting
Jake visit
Jake, Joji Tokunaga, and Julian J.L. Fryett congratulating RTH employees with the highest scores for awareness of Ricoh’s 4 Pillars

All in all, Jake was impressed with RTH’s efforts to achieve our missions, which are Fulfilment through Work, Zero Carbon Society, diversity and inclusion of employees, and improvement of skillsets.We drive efforts to solve economic, social, and environmental issues. We are a part of our community, so we take the responsibility to make it a better place for everyone.

Day 2: Customer meetings and a visit to the Eco Learning Center

On the second day, Jake took the time to discuss the latest digital and business trends with key members of the business community, such as the managing director of IoT & Digital Solutions of True Digital Group and the president of Thai e-Commerce Association (THECA).

Jake visitLeft to right: Joji Tokunaga, Pathom Indarodom (managing director, IoT & digital solutions, True Digital Group), Kulthirath Pakawachkrilers (president, Thai e-Commerce Association), Prasan Chuaphanich (director & chairman, executive committee, Siam Commercial Group), Viboon Kromdit (director & CMO, Amata Corporation), Kalin Sarasin (chairman, Thai Chamber of Commerce & Board of Trade of Thailand), Jake Yamashita, Maris Samaram (director, Marsh PB Co.,Ltd), Julian J.L. Fryett

Next, Jake gained deeper insight into opportunities in the Thai market with Onyx Hospitality Group and visited some of Ricoh’s digital signage applications of our customers and partners, such as KBank.

Jake visitJake and Julian J.L. Fryett at the KBank digital signage site
Jake visitPhiphat Khanonwet (vice president, information technology) and Gritthanik Jongwiwatthikhun (director, procurement) of Onyx Hospitality Group greeting Jak

Next on the agenda was a visit to Ricoh’s Eco Learning Center (ELC), where Jake was briefed on Ricoh’s sustainable business operations, e-waste wall, Comet Circle exhibition, refurbishment centre, and thermal factory.

Jake visitJake with Toshinobu Kashiwabara (general manager of IMS) and Nitichai Jenjit (thermal transfer production manager)
Jake visitSrikrung Charoengonvijit, director of engineering and CS operations with Jake and Julian J.L. Fryett

These projects, combined with our wastewater and air pollution treatments, are not only based on our environmental goals for sustainability in 2030 and 2050, but also show that we are a part of the industrial sector with the will to solve environmental problems in the local community, country, and planet.

The second day culminated with Jake meeting members of our refurbishment centre and a tree planting ceremony to mark the synergy and harmony between RTH, Ricoh Group, and the Thai community.

Jake visitJake with RTH top management and refurbishment centre employees
Jake visitJake with RTH top management members and service managers.
Jake visitJulian J.L. Fryett and Jake at the tree planting ceremony to mark the end of a fruitful trip.