RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to Thailand

by Ricoh Thailand07 Jun 2023

At the beginning of June 2023, Kei Uesugi, General Manager of Asia-Pacific & Latin America Management Division, and Takahiro Irisa, President of Ricoh Digital Services BU arrived in Thailand and began to explore Ricoh Thailand (RTH)’s commitments and successes.

They started their journey by visiting True Digital Park and taking a tour of the Ricoh Experience Center (REC). The REC had been established to showcase Ricoh products and services to customers and visitors and to offer them RTH’s business values and insights into digital transformation in the workplace.   

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandTakahiro Irisa, Kei Uesugi, and Julian J.L.Fryett (President of RTH) at True Digital Park 

In the REC, there were presentations regarding the four areas of expertise conducted by the fusion team. The representatives eagerly shared product overviews, success stories, and plans to improve revenue and serve customers' needs better.

For the trip to sustainability, Kei and Takahiro went to the RTH’s Bangpla plant where the refurbishment and recycling processes are performed. Taking a close look at the eco-friendly business processes, Kei and Takahiro were impressed by RTH’s effort and commitment to returning benefits to the planet and people.

Inside the Bangpla plant, Eco Learning Center (ELC) is open for visitors to learn more about Ricoh's Comet Circle, the practice to enhance the circular economy by refurbishing machines and recycling electronic parts. At the ELC, various learning materials such as infographics and videos were displayed to make the learning experience effective.  

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandTakahiro Irisa and Kei Uesugi interacting with Khun Pla Mor, the Ricoh ELC Mascot 
Kei and Takahiro also came over to the RTH head office to discuss the business plan with RTH management. They collaborated to refine their plan so that they could expect highly positive outcomes.   

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandTakahiro Irisa and Kei Uesugi with the members of Global Client Relationship Division of RTH 

Emphasizing IT business, Kei and Takahiro join the discussion with Dell Technologies and Ingram Micro, which are RTH’s precious partners and global computer software and IT companies. From their conversations, Kei and Takahiro got an insight into the Thai market and saw the opportunities for RTH to succeed.  

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandDiscussing IT business with Thitaphon  Boonprasit and Suthisa Burapornnusorn from Dell Technologies, and Pornthep Watchara-amnouy and Sasichai Chaingam from Ingram Micro 

Furthermore, RTH presented one of its success cases at Praram 9 Hospital, a hospital that provides healthcare services and ensures safety and satisfaction by implementing technologies and digital solutions. RTH provided the organization with Ricoh IMF430F, IM C2000, LP C600, and IT client peripherals.  

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandVisiting Praram 9 Hospital

Another tour to communicate RTH’s success story was held at Data Products Toppan Forms (DPTF), which is mass data print and services company that RTH had been supporting with printing products and IT services such as Ricoh Pro VC60000, IP4100, Pro8220s, and MFP. Moreover, it planned to install Ricoh Pro8320s.  

RTH Welcomes Kei Uesugi and Takahiro Irisa to ThailandTaking a tour at Data Products Toppan Forms 

This is a fulfilling trip where RTH manifested its strengths and progress as a fast-growing, sustainable digital service provider. Ended with warmth and pleasure, RTH is ready to accompany the APAC&LA on the new journey to business accomplishment.