Meeting Room Services

03 Feb 2022

Scheduling conference rooms and meeting room design have never been more important.

Your meeting rooms need to do more than simply maximize usage, productivity, and collaboration. Meeting, conference, and huddle spaces must meet mandated policies and protect employee and visitor health. It’s not enough to designate the space, you must also coordinate and manage its usage and cleaning.

Our facilities management experts and workplace management system simplify the effort, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Make planning and booking meeting rooms simple

With a workplace management system, space reservations ensure everyone has a safe place to meet and work. We use leading meeting software like iOFFICE that makes it easy to:

  • Book rooms, schedule meetings, send meeting invites, and track confirmations.
  • Schedule remotely through mobile booking.
  • Plan the space to maintain proper distancing.
  • Coordinate technology, AV equipment and other collaboration tools.
  • Track cleaning schedules and only allow cleaned spaces to be available for reservation.

Focus on the agenda, our meeting room services will take care of the details

A lot of factors go into every meeting. Whether you need a regular plan to handle daily meetings or a team to manage larger conference events, our end-to-end meeting rooms services feature:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Setup
  • Data analysis to inform future events

From distancing management to AV that is visually sharp with clear audio, we are committed to keeping you productive.

Position your company to adapt quickly with business intelligence and analytics

Our services include detailed reporting on meeting room usage. You can look at hourly, daily, or yearly reporting to identify usage patterns and adjust your space utilization as needed or appropriate. The better your understanding of meeting room use, the more you can allocate space for employees to work, keeping everyone safe and productive.

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