Workstation Support & Device Management

04 Mar 2022

Use any device, all the time – in the office or on the go. We’ll take care of the rest.

Spend your time growing your business, not managing devices

Few IT professionals can troubleshoot every device type and operating system. Add in device accessories, communications, and decentralized work forces, and IT issues can quickly derail your productivity as you wait for – or try to figure out! – a resolution.

Outsourced device management eliminates this problem. You get an expert IT team that supports and manages all your devices and users, wherever they’re located. You focus on what’s important – your business.

Your full device management team – without the headcount

Device management only begins with the arrival of the new workstation, laptop, or mobile device for you and your team. You also need to:

  • Setup, connect, and test the new device
  • Deploy to the user
  • Track inventory
  • Manage vendor warranties
  • Maintain and update devices
  • Manage software and licensing
  • Activate new users and their devices
  • Deactivate former employees, collect and repurpose or retire their devices
  • Secure your data as you recycle old PCs, workstations, laptops, and smartphones

And as your business grows, the effort requires more time, effort, and resources.

With our device management services, we take care of these details for you. Regular reporting keeps you informed. And if we spot an opportunity to consolidate, reduce costs, or improve fleet efficiency, we’ll share our findings at your soonest convenience.

Protect, manage, and communicate with mobile device management services

Do you provide mobile devices or tablets to employees? Do you practice a bring your own device (BYOD) model? Either way, those devices need to connect with your network and applications.

Our team includes experts on Apple® and Android® device management. With mobile device management and monitoring, we can ensure your team stays connected, your network stays secure, and your data remains private.

The right device for the right role

With technology, you have a lot of options. Does your team go with Apple® or Android®? Macs® or Windows® PCs? Dell®, HP®, or Lenovo®?

We have recommendations but understand your business has its own unique needs. We gladly work with every client to create a technology stack specific to you. Device standardization isn’t merely about simplified management. A standardized technology environment is important to:

  • Consistent, quality communication
  • Productivity
  • Device and network security
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity effectiveness
  • Regular data backups to our SSAE-16 data center

Have an IT problem? Call us.

An IT failure in your digital workspace demands immediate attention. What you don’t need is a knowledge base or drop-down menu of IT support options. You do need access to a live service representative.

Our network operations center (NOC) ensures you and any of your activated users can always reach a live person. Staffed by a team of IT experts, we immediately start the troubleshooting or repair of your device with you when you call.

Secure your data across all devices

Do personal laptops, tablets and smartphones have access to your email and corporate data? As more employees use their own devices and personal mobile devices can touch your Wifi network, data security becomes a bigger business concern. An accidental data breach is still a data breach.

We take your device and data security seriously. Some ways we keep your information safe:

  • Monitoring device and application usage
  • Enforcing password policies
  • Remotely locking lost or stolen devices

Optimize your IT investment

Best-in-class technology three years ago may be outdated today. The speed at which technology evolves often makes IT capital expenses (capex) a long-term productivity inhibitor. Your initial investment hasn’t fully depreciated but you need new tech – what can you do?

Transitioning IT into a monthly operating expense (opex) consolidates device spend and eliminates the problem. Other benefits include:

  • Only paying for activated users
  • A scalable approach for adding hardware and software as you grow
  • Consistently up-to-date technology
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Strategic and scheduled technology refreshes, limiting disruption

Is IT device management right for you and your organization? Let’s talk and find out…

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