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Scanning Outsourcing Services

A number of organizations these days come up with the idea or the need to transform existing physical documents into digital ones in order to facilitate work processes.

With the team of professional consultants, document storage design specialists and document scanning experts, Ricoh's Scanning Service helps facilitate the process of tranforming hard copies into digital files, and the deliver those files to the desired workflow in just a moment.

Minimizes the cost and hassle of document management by outsourcing

  1. Simplify the everyday
    Documents and files are the heart of many business processes. Our automated processes improve the way your entire business works, collaborates and shares information. We simplify the everyday so you can focus on the things that matter most.
  2. Improve infrastructure agility for greater productivity
    Solutions may be specific to one department or much broader. Integrating new applications tightly with existing processes and workflows makes your overall infrastructure more agile and responsive – for a more productive workforce.
  3. Reduce business cost and risk
    Information management is tricky business, and errors are costly. Finely-tuned business applications reduce the risk of these errors, and reduce time to complete critical business processes. And our careful planning helps you comply with relevant security regulations.
  4. Improve information security and governance
    Failing to protect customer information can mean fines, legal action and irreparable damage to customer trust and loyalty. Compliance with key regulations is critical. And not just limited to digital data. 
    Over 30% of business information – especially customer data – resides on paper, with many processes comprising both paper and electronic workflows. No matter the format, Ricoh can help you secure your critical data.