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RICOH Device Manager NX Accounting

Entry level cost tracking and recovery software

RICOH Device Manager NX Accounting lets you track print, copy, scan, and fax activities for chargeback, and associate these costs to users via user authentication.

The solution helps you understand what’s going on across your whole fleet, control access, collect data for chargeback, and manage printing costs. You can run reports using the RICOH Device Manager console or set them up to be created automatically according to a schedule.

Better control over your devices

RICOH Device Manager NX Accounting tracks device usage whether your employees or users walk up to the multifunction product (MFP) or initiate printing from their desktop. The software tracks print, copy, scan, and fax activities, and allows you to recover costs from your users accordingly. You can create multiple pricing tiers, which allows for advanced cost reporting and cost control.


  1. Centralised data collection  
    Comprehensive print, copy, scan, and fax data all in one place
  2. Tighter control  
    Detailed reports give you all the data you need to make smart decisions
  3. Accurate and simple
    Use with card authentication to simplify tracking of walk-up activity
  4. Offer more  
    Gives you a controlled way to offer colour output while accurately tracking usage
  5. Easy cost recovery
    Automate the process of allocating costs back to users or departments for document output