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    Kofax® ControlSuite

    Take better control of your document workflow

    Manage virtually all aspects of document distribution from a single solution—including print, capture, and output management workflows—with Kofax® ControlSuite.

    The solution’s advantage lies in its industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, superior print management security, and mobile workflow automation.

    It allows you to leverage your Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP) fleet to minimise document security breaches, reduce print management costs, and improve productivity—all at an affordable cost.

    All in one place

    We are in the middle of the digital era, which requires new ways of working with, securing, and managing data. You can rely on Kofax® ControlSuite to address all your print and capture needs on a single, robust, and integrated platform.

    1. Print management
      Gain better control with secure print release, usage tracking, and auditing features 
    2. Information capture
      Multi-channel, content-aware capture from mobile, MFP, desktop, and email
    3. Output management
      Connected seamlessly to an extensive set of business applications
    4. Business compliance
      Apply consistent business rules and data protection policies to safeguard compliance
    5. Unified experience
      Single unified interface for capture, print, and mobile workflows across all devices