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130PSL-1 Facestock Direct Thermal Paper

  • High heat resistance up to 90 celcius degree
  • High resolution. Can print small characters & barcode
  • Applied for POS bill, invoice, parking ticket...

Ricoh Direct thermal paper no ribbon requiredRicoh Direct Thermal Paper (No ribbon required)
 Item UnitSpecificationTest Method
 Basis weight g/m266 ± 7ISO 536
 Thickness μm67 ± 9ISO 534
 Tensile strength MDkN/m  2.6 min ISO 1924
 CD kN/m 1.3 min
 Tear strength MDN0.25 min  ISO 1974
 CDN0.30 min 
 Clark StiffnessMD 28 min  JIS P-8143
 CD -10 min 
%75 minISO 2470
Smoothness (Face) s500 min Oken type instrument

Restriction of Hazardous Substances


Material Safety Data Sheets


Forest Responsibility


BPA Free


Chemicals Standards

Applications suitable for:

Image Properties

Item UnitSpecificationTest Method
Image color - BlackVisual inspection
Static imange sensitivity -1.00 minHeat gradient tester 200~160oC
Dynamic image sensitivity mJ/dot0.43 maxRicoh standard simulator 

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