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Car Park Management

Advanced technology to make your life more convenient

Nowadays, personal cars have become an important factor in life. It is used for travel to work or various places where there is not enough area for parking or management system is poor that causes users to waste their time finding available parking spaces. Sometimes they have to double-park or park in the prohibited area which is unsafe for the owner’s properties and affects the image of the service provider as well. Ricoh offers a solution to solve these problems with "Intelligent Parking Management System.”

  • Enhance the image of the parking space to be modern, facilitative, and comfort
  • Increase the safety for users and service providers

"Intelligent Parking Management System" is a system that brings modern technology to help manage the parking lot, including the vehicle management IN-OUT. 

  1. Parking management solution
    There are many formats, such as service by staff ('Man-Man' system) and using automatic entry station work together with staff ('Unman-Man' system), or using the License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera ('Unman-Unman') to capture label and records the details of the motor vehicle registration and car picture and access time to help increase the users’ safety.
  2. Reporting system for more effective management
    The system can display various data reports such as details of the user data, profits, discounts or fines reports. Service providers can use this information to analyze and manage their operational plan to help reduce costs and increase revenue in the collection of service fees, including enabling the system to be managed efficiently.
  3. Parking guidance system
    The parking guidance system displays parking space availability in each floor on the digital screen to help save time in finding parking spaces and make users feel more comfortable. In addition, this intelligent parking management system can also search for parking lots in the selected areas or nearby areas and can reserve a parking space in advance through the application.
  4. Auto payment system
    There are many ways to pay for parking space charge. Users can pay by using an application, a debit card, a credit card, and cash at automatic payment machines, or pay through participating cards, etc.

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