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Visitor Management Solution

A smart visitor management solution for your company.

The system provides an ability to track the usage of a public building or site by visitors/non-employees. The Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts, by gathering increasing amounts of information.

  • Provide better security and accountability to your workplace
  • Reduce visitors’ manual document process 
  • Enhance visitor data analysis with a smart, convenient, and accurate system

The solution helps manage guests entering your company’s facilities such as your office buildings, government buildings, or authorized areas. It offers more systematic, effective, convenient, and streamlined management of all processes related to visitors. Moreover, it ensures safety and accountability for your organization.

  1. Capture ID card/Passport data
    The receptionist will request the visitor’s identification card, and capture the guest’s information from the ID card as well as take a photo of the card and the visitor. After that, the receptionist will register the information into the system and tap a visitor card to record the data.
  2. Pre-Register via web application
    Visitors can pre-register themselves an appointment via Web Application. When registered, the system will send a QR Code to the visitor through a SMS or an email. The visitor just shows the QR code and gets a visitor card. This will enhance your reception workflow as well as provide convenience to your guests who need access to your company’s area.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting
    Visitor Management System can create company’s visitor attendance logs and generate visitor entry and exit reports in Excel, CSV or PDF format, or monitor them via Dashboard.
  4. System Integration
    Visitor Management System can also be integrated with Smart Parking System, Door Access Control System, Printing System, and One Card Solution System.