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Smart Locker

An Intelligent electronic locker system that can be used with a QR code or an employee ID card for higher security of storage

The solution provides greater convenience of receiving and distributing packages. Once the goods are stored in the locker, the solution will send a notification to the recipients, reducing the fuss and workload of the building attendant.

Benefits of “Smart Locker”

The solution also comes with an application for more efficient transportation route management. The application works online with GPS in real-time. You can also view reports to check fuel consumption, route and speed of each transport, increasing security and productivity.

  • Easy to CONTROL locker, Limit and define where in a building a people can use a locker.
  • TRANSPARENCY, Plan for additional lockers, by turning business data into actionable business intelligence.
  • INTEGRATION with access control or any software for automated data import.
  • Can unlock with INTELLIGENT KEY such as QR code, Mechanical keys, RFID cards or PIN code
  • COST SAVINGS, Reduced operating and maintenance cost. Less staff involvement.
  • EASY ADMINISTRATION with web application, can manage usage rights with a few mouse clicks.
  • Have a SECURITY system such as alarm, push notification, event log and battery-operated.
  • It is a well-designed and easy-to-use system that provides a good USER EXPERIENCE.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN with clean locker door surface, lock installed inside the locker and robust lock.
User Authentication
  • Organization use
  • Business use