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Digital Architect Design

Designing your 3D work conveniently through website and mobile devices

At present, it is easier to undergo specific engineering designs with CAD software, which is popular and meets common standard. RICOH is ready to provide software and devices for this type of work to facilitate the operation of your organization.

This software makes the design of 3D shape much easier, ranging from toolset which assists in designing architecture, electrical system, MEP system in the building based on GIS and CAD information, object or process design in the factory.

Let's get to know more about Architect Design program, which is the software that leads to cost-saving. The program includes the following tools:

  1. Architecture Toolset that enhances architecture capability and accelerates the design process
  2. Electrical Toolset that assists in designing electrical system which helps to manage documents for electrical control
  3. Mechanical Toolset that facilitates users in building, adjusting and managing mechanical design manufacturing
  4. MEP Toolset that assists in MEP system of the building
  5. Map 3D Toolset for planning, designing and managing information
  6. Raster Design Toolset that helps to raster image to DWG
  7. Plant 3D Toolset that allows users to build the structure of the working process in the factory integrated with 3D model