Environmental Communication and Activities 


Ricoh Global SDGs Action is a month long event starting on June 1, to encourage Group company employees to think about how to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to take action with a sense of global unity. We aim to accelerate our contributions towards achieving the SDGs and encourage all employees in the Group to think and act, not only by doing eco-actions such as global warming countermeasures toward realizing a zero-carbon society, but also by addressing a broader range of social issues.

We aim to leverage the know-how that we have built up through our Global Eco Action events since 2006, and work together with customers and societies across the globe, as we expand our actions to help achieving the SDGs.


You can play your part by simply committing your pledge at our regional Global SDGs Action website. Companies can also make a difference to the environment, and counter the climate change by inculcating green practices in their office.

Ricoh R-cademy

The Ricoh R-cademy is  the CSR program in the part of enviroment and safety (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) of RTH which works together with green partners of government, The Pravet district office and Ministry of labour in schools of Pravet District under Bangkok Methopolotian and network schools in Bangkok area.  The project run under "Ricoh Eco School Academy " concept with  "Kaizen-PDCA" scope that can be created students' thinking and learning to solve or conserve their selected environment and safety in the community . Many projects of students are outcome of this program as sustainable environmental management policy of RICOH group on making better society which been aligned wih 10 items of sustainable development goals (SDGs) including no.2,3,4,6,7,11,12,13,14,15.