RICOH Thailand policy

We trust in the continuous effective improvement of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment in line with our principle “The RICOH Way”, are the way to be the most trusted brand with irresistible appeal in the global market, We aim to develop and provide innovation technologies and  services for supporting the workplace innovation that provide new value and benefit to our customers. We also aim to be the part to create sustainable cities and communities in a safety, healthy environment and good quality of life to better tomorrow as Ricoh group sustainability policy which has been aligned with sustainable development compliance (SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals).

We strive to:

  1. Comply with the laws; Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Laws included international standards, corporate covenants and related industrial standards.
  2. Prevent and reduce risks with the first priority of prevention, risk and loss reduction caused by accident, health and working environment during either working time or off working time including the community and other stakeholders.
  3. Environmental protection conscious refers to take control, prevent and reduce environmental impact and biodiversity conservation to reduce climate change impact caused by business operations either direct or indirect including product, service and Green Procurement Policy.
  4. Sustainable use of energy & resource conservation refers to product recycling promotion campaign under corporate standardization in line with suitable energy handling system development and continuously promote employees participation to valuable preservation of energy & resource.
  5. Build up customer satisfaction, customer relationship and work processes & system improvement by encouraging all employees mindset in continual improvement to satisfy both internal and external customers along with customer-given commitment by working as a team.
  6. Support all employees development programs to build up proper competence manner with business to promptly transform and professionalism of customer-valued presentations and innovative work genuinely.
  7. Encourage activity participation & practical communication regarding this policy to all internal and external stakeholders appropriately.

All levels managements are in charge of adequate and proper resource allocation including support, driving and operation exemplary in line with the corporate policy and management system.

*Ricoh Thailand Policy becomes effective since Oct. 1, 2019 onwards.