Desk Booking

Our desk booking system enables you to manage flexible and social distancing workspace. Suitable for your organization in the Covid-19 situation. The result means people can find a space that meets their needs instantly.

The desk booking system "Condeco" comes with desk booking software and a touchscreen. Touch in with your card and manage your booking via website, mobile phone, booking screen, and kiosk throughout your building. In addition, you can set up a reservation and limit the number of people in the area. Suitable for all sizes of businesses. - Create efficient use of space and desks. - Track and evaluate desk usage daily. Allows for more flexible space planning.


Manage your workspaces your way.

  • Find and book your desk.
    Find and book your workspace on the website, mobile phone, desk booking screen or kiosk. Create a floor plan and monitor desk status.
  • Check-in status monitoring at the desk
    Release unused space automatically if users don't check in on time so others can use the area.
  • You can set up booking conditions for your space.

    Customize your desk booking style to serve your business. For example, zone A can be booked and used only on Monday, and zone B can be booked with the social distancing regulation.

  • Book meeting room with the mobile phone.

    The Condeco application is available for iOS and Android, so your employees and users can quickly edit and cancel reservations.

  • Booking data can be exported.

    Help your business assess bookings and space usage to adjust and create regulations for using the space.

  • Touch to book

    The screen shows booking status and has a simple and straightforward user experience. Just touch in and out with your RFID enabled access card.