Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijara impresses both quality and service for all departments with solutions from RICOH.

Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya possesses a goal of developing organizations and societies at the regional and national levels with science, technology, and innovation under the vision of "The University of Innovation for Society". It aims to produce professional practitioners to become the workforce that generates high income, and to be able to increase competitiveness of the country to reach an international level which aligns with the new roles and missions.

At the same time, new strategies are planned to develop the university by dividing the plans into 20-year plan and 5-year plan with 5 main missions that include education, research, preservation of art and culture, academic services and development of modern organizations. From the mission and strategies mentioned above, the university realizes the importance of the adoption of innovation and technology to drive maximum efficiency.

Asst. Prof. Chainun Panyyavoodso, Dean of Faculty of the Business Administration at Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, states that technology and innovation are an important part of driving the effective execution of the plan and supporting various tasks of the Faculty of Business Administration, which is deemed as a famous faculty, especially in accounting field, which has many students, exceeding the targeted goal.


Asst. Prof. Chainun interestingly explains the use of printing technology at the faculty and other parts of the university. Normally, there are a lot of printed documents in the educational sector. The use is divided into 3 parts for the Faculty of Business Administration that Asst. Prof. Chainun is in charge of. The first part is when personnel in the department print general documents. The second part is when teachers print academic materials, exam paper and other tasks. The last part lies in the fact that professors in different branches print their teaching and learning materials.

Confident in RICOH printers

At the present, the university uses multifunction printers and production printers from RICOH for printing documents. Asst. Prof. Chainun says that he has known RICOH’s efficiency and reputation for a long time. RICOH provides good services and is able to meet the demand of the faculty and the university. Furthermore, the functions and features of the products are developed and updated every year. Therefore, the faculty gets to experiment with these new features. The university consequently RICOH until now. It has been almost 5 years and still planning to increase the number of RICOH multifunction printers.

Increasing the strength with IT solutions

Apart from printing solutions, to be consistent with all of the five missions, the university has added IT services and infrastructure such as computer rooms, network systems, server systems, including computers used by students. The university has collaborated with RICOH to provide IT solutions that can cater to the requirements of the university for the sake of its personnel and students.

Impressed with quality and services

Asst. Prof. Chainun also mentions about the benefits of RICOH’s printing and IT services which offer a good performance. For example, the features of the printers are constantly updated, enabling the university to have an opportunity to use them too. The IT infrastructure that the university currently use is good as it can continuously meet user’s demands. Last but not least, the services provided by RICOH staff are fast. They can solve problems, and advise on how to use the solutions. All of these make the university impressed with both RICOH’s quality and services.