Road Accident Victims Protection enhances services with Ricoh additional IT Management & Support Services

Insurance businesses need to shift to IT to make progresses. That is the vision since the establishment of Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited, one of the leading insurance companies in Thailand that has provided services across the country and used IT from the early period. The company entrusts Ricoh to take care of the IT Management & Support Services.

Mr. Natpakan Salabsaeng, Director of IT Department of Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited, said that IT was the key tool that would develop the services for the customers to the full potential because everyone who drove on the road had risks. Therefore, the victim protection services shall cover the demand of not only 1 million but 70 million people. This was the reason why the company made the decision to use technology for the past 20 years.

The Company had the vision to utilize technology for indemnity and insurance services to the insured. Our goals were to provide services to the customers nationwide by using technology in management and creation of new technology-based services.

“In the past, we began with developing the website to mobile application. At the time, whatever the consumers liked, we developed the solutions according to their behaviors and demands. At present, we continue trying to create new services.”

Throughout the years, The Company worked with partners who provided assistances such as delivering solutions to the customers by using the tools provided by Ricoh (Thailand) Limited.

Additionally, when The Company wished to develop new solutions for the customers, Ricoh helped us by suggesting the appropriate hardware and technology as the company had no expertise or limited knowledge on the matter.

The company solution demand mostly covered the whole country which was beyond the other partners’ capability whilst Ricoh was ready to provide comprehensive services in line with the demand.

“For solution services required outside Bangkok, we first think of Ricoh because the past 20 years have proved that Ricoh is reliable even in the provinces.”

At the moment, The Company had a total of 77 sub-branches across the country and 78 service centers in large provincial hospitals. The solutions had to cover every area since not only the equipment, but the service must be good. Used services from Ricoh included IT Management & Support Services on Device Management which was the customer’s solution supported by Ricoh, mainly including PC, laptop, and other multifunction devices.

He emphasized that technology helped making a clear difference. In the past 10 years, insurance businesses shifted from using papers for note taking to recording data on the application. The Company was the very first company who made 100% of such progress since the early internet period in Thailand. As a result, repetitiveness and errors were decreased to a significant level.

Previously, The Company invested in printers and scanners to ultimately reduce the amount of paper. Scanning documents to files and saving them on the computer allowed quicker services for the customers, as well as instant claim and payment approval without waiting for the documents to be sent to the central agency.

Selling format that recorded data in the system allowed instant insurance issuance, helped increasing sales consecutively, provided supreme services to the customers, and provided prompt facilitation in case the customer had accident so that they could receive medical treatment at the hospital immediately. By informing the vehicle registration number and identification card number, they would earn the right to medical treatment without any documents.

“Technology utilization allows us to support the huge amount of demand. It is different from the past when 1 million sales were brilliant. The Company has more than 15 million sales per year.” He said and gave information that the statistics on vehicle tax extension registration of the Department of Land Transport was more than 20 million vehicles per year. The Company. upheld the acts for 15 million motorcycles with accident statistics of 1 million case per year. There were more than 400,000 cases which the acts were with The Company. The statistics on accidents reported nationwide were collected and published on public website.

However, he thought that Ricoh had a variety of interesting solutions especially those on Digital Transformation and essential technology during COVID-19. The Company was interested to apply the technology in our operation, not limited to hardware but also other add-on accessories.

In the future, The Company would aim to shift the business to the digital platform. We were in the process of researching to transform ourselves to Digital Insurance and still needed plenty of recommendations from Ricoh, particularly on technology use under proper investment. This was to allow us to have adequate capacity to compete with other competitors, big foreign companies, by using technology as the main tool to strengthen our services which was the eye-catching business.