Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Printing House chooses RICOH Pro C7210X for printing textbooks

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Printing House has a mission to produce learning and teaching materials. It is an open university that provides educational opportunities for people. The printing unit is responsible for producing learning and teaching materials as well as other printed media, which are delivered to students for their self-study.

Assoc. Prof. Sunee Poosrimuang, Director of the Printing House. States that the university has 12 faculties. The enrollment for each course ranges from hundreds to ten thousands of students. As for Bachelor's degree, there may be a lot of students, but for Master's degree and Doctor's degree, there are not many.

It is necessary to have good printers as documents are usually printed with offset system. The printing house must ensure that printing quality is duly delivered to students whose main learning and teaching materials are textbooks. The content inside is printed in mono color while the cover is printed in 3-4 colors.

The beginning date of the semester is usually fixed. Therefore, students must receive their learning materials before the semester begins. There is a substantial number of documents that the printing house needs to reprint. Usually, textbooks which are newly created and updated have to be printed. This contributes to a huge load of work, which means the printing house has to print several hundred thousands of copies. Everything has to be finished in one day although prearranged plans have already determined. However, the definite number of student enrollment usually comes in short notice. Students prefer to enroll near the beginning of the semester. Therefore, the printing house must be flexible in choosing which printing system will be employed, whether it should be offset printing, or digital printing which is known as "Print on Demand".


The reasons that the printing house considers when making a decision to use RICOH product are the quality that meets the specified standards, and the price that is competitive in the market. During the procurement process, the company profile must be taken into account regarding the number of clients who are satisfied with good services and quality.

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University uses RICOH Pro C7210X. It is used in digital printing unit for printing on demand. It supports to print learning and teaching materials in small quantity. RICOH production printer is mostly for the covers of the textbooks as well as some brochures and posters.

The printing house is really impressed with the services, and the printing quality is also satisfactory, and is very thankful for RICOH that supports its work. Therefore, the printing house can manage to produce high quality learning materials for its students to perform their self-study happily.