Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative boosts its printing efficiency with RICOH

Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative has the main objective of providing savings services to government teachers. Its vision is to be a stable saving cooperative managed by good governance for excellent services. Its mission is to align with its vision, ranging from the development of the management system to follow the standard and good governance, improving the quality of life for its members, strengthening investment and supporting the cooperative, modernizing the buildings, developing personnel’s skills, and technology systems and innovations.

These visions and missions enable the cooperative to develop itself continuously in terms of its personnel and technology. However, it still accentuates the document management, which connects external and internal sections, has been a necessity for the organization all along.

Mr. Bancha Semakoon, Manager of Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative, explains that documents play an important role in the cooperative in terms of contracts or business and administrative documents. Currently, there are approximately 7,000 members, and the documents that circulate around the organization should have good resolution and sharpness. Most importantly, the printers chosen must work quickly.

Choosing RICOH for better management

The manager of Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative says that the cooperative had used some printers on rental agreement. However, the problem was the printers provided were old (second-hand), frequently causing many problems. This required constant repair. Moreover, the services were slow because the team was not ready, resulting in the disruption of document management (Sometimes it took 1-2 days to solve the problems), which meant the damage to the cooperative. In terms of printing, the staff had to use the printers in their own department, causing the cooperative to invest in separate printers. In addition, the huge cost of maintenance caused additional expenditure as well.

Due to increased problems and expenses, Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative felt the need to look for new solutions by choosing to use a RICOH production printer and also multifunction printers to solve the problems that occurred before. RICOH Pro 8200S production printer is utilized for job in high volume thanks to the speed and resolution. RICOH also provides the new printer. Consequently, there are no more problems like in the past. As for multifunction printers, all employees can share the multifunction printers. This helps to reduce the burden of purchasing printers for each department as well as cutting the maintenance cost.

Impressively creating value

Mr. Bancha interestingly mentions the value received from RICOH. The obvious ones are that the printers are newer and have higher printing efficiency and resolution (while making the same investment compared to the earlier one). Moreover, RICOH's products have a variety of functions including copying, printing, scanning and so on. In addition, the services are excellent. The staff always take a good care, give advice, and update technology news for the organization. All of these factors leave a really good impression on Uthai Thani Teacher Saving Cooperative.