Thai Pattana Insurance enhances insurance business with Ricoh IT Solutions

The impact of COVID-19 results in a great number of people decided to reduce their expenses including their car insurance plan that many people decrease the tier to reduce the expenditure. Interestingly, Thai Pattana, the insurance business who targets the customers with cars of more than 7 years old, has had the opportunity to have greater customer base by using Ricoh IT Management & Support Services to increase the service efficiency.

Mr. Brook Kunpalin, Assistant Managing Director of Thai Pattana Insurance Public Company Limited accepted that insurance business previously needed to use a huge amount of paper for both the customers’ documents and agreement conditions to provide services to more than 500,000 customers per year. Accordingly, it became the origin of bringing Ricoh solutions to reduce the expenses. The Company began using such technology in the organization from around late 2019 to early 2020.

Thai Pattana Insurance started to mainly pin the technology at the headquarters by choosing multifunction photocopier that supported the use of 120 employees. In the future, we planned to apply the technology to 30 nationwide branches including new branches which were in the process of consideration.

“IT services have limitations and do not comprehensively meet the demand when the machines are only sold to us and the employees have to take care of them. As a result, The Company had to search for new service providers until we found Ricoh who recommended us to look at the big picture and understand the true demand.”

Thai Pattana Insurance decided to use Ricoh multifunction photocopier devices whether scanners, fax machines, or email systems. Originally, we did not use comprehensive technology. Once connected to the network, productivity was significantly increased. Hence, we continued to use services from Ricoh.

It began from office solutions to consultant services on hardware and software from Ricoh that met The Company’s requirements to have One Stop Service operation. The strength of Ricoh team was that they understood The Company’s demand and could recommend IT solutions that met The Company need. Therefore, The Company decided to use other additional services and improve intra-organizational network where the team continually gave advice on Best Practice as well as new solutions that were suitable for The Company.

“The employees gave quite good feedback on Ricoh services because Ricoh team had good IT knowledge and experience, and suggested solutions from leading brands that were also Ricoh’s partners in a comprehensive manner. Accordingly, The Company were able to increase our competitiveness.”

Mr. Kunpalin said that technology helped enhancing The Company’s performance to a great extent by adding IT to the operation. As a result, the employees could use the time to do more challenging tasks. For instance, The Company previously shifted to new accounting system software or ERP where Ricoh assisted us in managing the hardware to properly meet the software requirements. We initially had to do our own management which was a significant obstacle for a company with small IT team.

“For several times, Ricoh gives us recommendations to use the existing hardware to its full capacity. In the future, The Company plans to change our whole Wi-Fi system and Ricoh has recommended Aruba Wi-Fi solutions to us.”

Mr. Kunpalin concluded that the key factors that made Thai Pattana continuously used services from Ricoh were close care from the team. Both for the multifunction photocopier devices or the partners’ solutions, the operation was well-harmonized, and we could contact the team whenever the issues occurred. Importantly, the budget was acceptable which was different from that of the other consultant companies that we have discussed with before.