Thammasat University Printing House improves efficiency and meets customer demand with RICOH production printer

Thammasat University Printing House is a government agency that provides printing services for both Thammasat University and outside customers. The main objective is to offer good services at a fair price. The printing services of Thammasat University emphasizes on the quality of the printing for the best outcomes.

The printing house has thrived and achieved great success. It contributes to enhancing academic progress for teachers and students. Apart from providing the printing services to personnel in the university, it is also open for external customers who would like to receive the services.

Development for varying demands

Mr. Phitsanu Naphakorn, Assistant Manager of Thammasat University Printing House, explains that the printing services in the new era have changed a lot. In the past, the printing house provided the offset printing services of which the advantage is the good printing quality. However, there were some limitations as each time the work was printed, it needed to be printed in high volume. Consequently, the large job led to more production time. Although the demands have changed, customers still want to maintain the quality of the printing as well as the high-speed printing. This is why the university decided to seek a highly efficient digital printers.

Choosing RICOH as a true partner

Before choosing to use RICOH digital printers, Thammasat University Printing House used the offset printer to handle the work of low volume (about 300 copies), but still wanted to maintain the printing speed, causing a high production cost, and eventually resulting in a high price. Therefore, Thammasat University Printing House discussed with RICOH about bringing in the digital printing solutions. These printers offer excellent resolution and quality as well as high-speed printing by shortening the printing time, which previously took approximately 5-6 days to print to only 1-2 days.

Mr. Phitsanu reveals that after utilizing the RICOH Pro 8110S and RICOH Pro C7210SX, he has found that the printing house can expand the scope of its printing services more than ever. They assists in shortening the number of production days to continually meet the demands of the customers. Moreover, the RICOH Pro C7210SX comes with special colors, which include white, clear, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red. This printer can print on a variety of printing materials, differentiating its work from its counterparts, and creating new printing experience for its customers.

Return on Investment

Printing with the old methods for quite a long time, nowadays, Thammasat University Printing House has transformed the new ways of printing services with the high-performance RICOH printers. The printing house is capable of creating a new printing experience for new customers as the printers can give better performance and resolution. This helps to solve the problems that happened earlier. They can also create unique printing outputs. Moreover, in terms of RICOH after-sales services, Mr. Phitsanu emphasizes that he is very impressed with the services such as training, advice, and other kinds of support. These are all excellent services. When taking every aspect into account, the university is confident that RICOH printers can cater to the demands effectively.