Data Center Services

01 Apr 2022

Cloud, infrastructure, security, and data recovery solutions for SMBs and enterprises

Get secured, reliable IT solutions without the infrastructure or overhead

Reduce latency with colocation services. Ensure business continuity with redundant, offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions. Or, find new ways to leverage cloud hosting to update or upgrade your IBM i Power Systems. Staffed by expert IT professionals, you can be confident in the availability, accessibility, and security of your data, applications, and network.

Simplify your infrastructure with our cloud hosting services

Managing a server with its patches, updates, and hardware repairs takes time. Supporting public cloud applications like AWS® or managing your hybrid cloud also require resources. Cloud hosting eliminates menial tasks like purchasing hardware, managing licenses and user access, and finding someone to support it all.
With our cloud hosting services, we do it all for you. You eliminate the costly menial tasks, freeing you and your team to focus on the bigger picture of your business and IT goals and strategy.

Optimize your network with colocation services

No matter your reason for wanting a colocation partner, our data centers and expert team can help. We can accommodate any colocation need. If you have a specific need and want more than a cookie-cutter set of options? Give us a call to discuss your desired configuration.

More than a business continuity service provider, we’re your partner

To survive natural disasters, targeted cyber-attacks, and devastating site or equipment failure requires more than an offsite location. Data security best practices call for a practiced plan and experienced remediation.

From basic data backup and restoration to fully written disaster recovery and business continuity plans, we can help. Our IT professionals can help you plan, design, and identify the best solutions for your business.

Your certified IBM i Power Systems hosting partner

Eliminate infrastructure and maintenance costs with hosted logical partitioning (HLPAR) for your IBM i Power System. Or leverage our reliable and secure data centers for colocation, backup, migration, or disaster recovery of your IBM i systems. Being a certified IBM delivery provider for nearly 20 years together with our state-of-the-art data centers, we know that no matter what you need, we can help.

Take advantage of our application hosting services

Hosted applications give you the tools you need – without the expense of extra licenses, managing updates, or worrying about losing data. Hosted applications include:

  • Microsoft 365®
  • Sharepoint®

Engage our professional services team for custom solutions

Technology solutions can get complex, especially when you need to pull a variety of resources together to make it happen. Our data centers being our own, we have a lot more flexibility in what we can do. Our expert professional services team stands ready to assist you.

Some of data center strategy services include:

  • Deployment services
  • Upgrade of operating system services
  • Migration services
  • Disaster recovery services

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