The Digitization of Traditional Office Print

19 Jul 2022

The digitization of traditional office print

The evolution of mobile print, cloud print and print usage analytics
As print retains a vital role in our workplace, traditional print will be replaced with a more "modernized" version of what we have today. Much of this change and growth will be fueled by mobile printing and cloud printing. With the drive toward our current digital and mobile workplace, it comes as no surprise that millennials see cloud printing and mobile printing as becoming increasingly important. People want to be able to print from wherever they are — and more often than not — they are on a mobile device.

A transformation of key business priorities

With the emergence of this new generation as key-decision makers, key business priorities are also evolving. In general, elder generations place higher importance on reducing costs in the workplace — a current priority, definitely, but no longer the most important. Additionally, baby boomers tend to be a bit more resistant to change such as automating workflows and delving into analytics to shape their decision making.

Research shows that millennials top three business priorities are to improve business efficiency, improve revenue and improve employee productivity. So it is only natural that print priorities follow suit. Millennials seek agility on behalf of their print service providers, expecting their relationship to change and fluctuate as their business needs change. In general, they also enjoy a closer relationship with their print providers than past generations.

Digital printing and analytics for print

As a result of these identified business priorities, key investment areas for print service providers are also changing. Key investment areas between now and 2025, include IT security, outsourcing print services and cloud computing. Value added print services are geared to help companies grow and reduce the focus on non-core services.

Additionally, with security breaches on the rise, businesses feel the pressure to keep their customers — and their employees — information safe. A move to the cloud helps keep information secured by staying on top of advanced software upgrades and security protocols. Additionally, managed print services enable print service providers to provide customized print solutions based on their customer's unique needs. This also allows print service providers to maintain a close relationship with their customers and adapt as their printing needs fluctuate.

Since millennials rely so heavily on facts and analysis to inform key decisions, the role of analytics in print is becoming an essential component. The only real way to know that their printing goals are in alignment with their key priorities — improve business efficiency, improve revenue and improve employee productivity — is to rely on analytics to prove it.

Source : eBook : Millennials Transforming the Workplace